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30 LEAD Powered Schools

Smart Schools For Smart Kids

From TVs to mobile phones, the younger generation has grown up with technology. And it is no surprise that technology has revolutionized the education system as well. Gone are the days when students had to rely only on books for information. Now, they can browse the internet and find all the knowledge at their fingertips. 


To keep up with these kids, schools are also adopting technology in classrooms. Smart classes, pre-recorded lectures, and audio-visual rooms are available in most schools. As a parent, it is essential for you to understand how well the school is utilizing modern educational tools to teach the students. You can analyze that by going through the details above and understanding what facilities the school has. 


Are You Choosing The Right School?

This is a common question that every parent has faced at least once in their life. The best place to start is to understand your child’s interests and weak spots. Then shortlist some of the schools that address these problems or appeal to your child’s skills. You can go through the list above to find schools that fit your criteria. 


It is essential to choose a school that your child likes because they will spend a considerable amount of time there. After shortlisting, understand the admission process by contacting the admission counselor through our website. Once you get the necessary details, you can proceed with the admission. 


Latest Teaching Tools At LEAD Powered Schools

LEAD Powered Schools utilize modern teaching tools such as smart TV and teacher’s tab to improve the overall learning experience of students. Every class is given a grade-wise activity kit that helps with practical lessons along with their curriculum. Teachers utilize audio-visual content to engage kids in the classroom. It also simplifies the lessons and helps with memory retention. 


The curriculum followed at LEAD Powered Schools is at par with international standards. The teachers are trained and certified. Every student is given personalized attention so everyone can progress at school. Parents are also kept in the loop through LEAD’s app, where parents can track their child’s progress and receive notices from school. LEAD utilizes all the modern amenities to revolutionize the way students learn.