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Finding the best school in Delhi can be a challenging task. There are more than a handful of options. On this page, we have listed down the LEAD Powered Schools that... Read More

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Find the Best School in Delhi for Your Child

Top schools in Delhi are spread across multiple regions of the city. You can search for the best schools in Delhi by specifying the affiliation as well as other factors. While searching for good schools in Delhi you can also filter the search results by specific locations in the city like South Delhi, North Delhi, East Delhi, and West Delhi. The search results will show you the exact address of a given school along with its contact details like phone number and email address.


Trying out an internet search for any school will give you limited information about its admission process, fees structure, and application dates. We, at LEAD, have gathered complete information about our partnering schools in Delhi. You can get complete details about fees structure, application dates, admission process, and even the school location map at LEAD. We have made it incredibly easy for parents to find schools by providing them with complete information. Parents can get all details related to our partnering schools in Delhi in one place

LEAD Powered Schools in Delhi: Delivering Quality Education

There are many schools in the capital city offering quality education to students, from preschool to higher secondary. You can trust LEAD when it comes to your child's education. Since inception, we have been committed to providing quality education to all students. Our focus is on the future of our students and engaging them in the most productive activities so that they do well in academics, as well as in other verticals.


Our teachers have been extensively trained by experts. This helps them impart knowledge to the students in a way that is easy for the latter to understand. We also ensure that they keep a track of each student's progress and interests so that they can help them explore their talents further. All these factors combine to make LEAD Powered Schools one of the best places to get a quality education


Are private schools in Delhi expensive?
Compared to schools in other tier-one cities, the private schools in Delhi may seem expensive. However, there are many options here. You can choose a school for your child that fits your budget. Click on the individual LEAD Powered Schools above and find more details about them, including their fee structure.
Which is the best school in Delhi?
There are many good schools in Delhi. LEAD Powered Schools consistently rank among the top ones in the city. Which one is an ideal fit for your child depends on so many factors, including the distance of the school from your home. So, this calls for extensive research on your part to find a fitting school in Delhi that checks all the boxes for you.
What is the annual fee of schools in Delhi?
This varies from one school to another. Above, we have listed down the names of LEAD Powered Schools. Please click on each and check out their fee.
What are the facilities schools in Delhi offer?
Many schools in Delhi are modern, offering many facilities. At LEAD Powered Schools, we boast a state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the facilities your child requires to learn better and enjoy a rewarding experience. We promote sports and other extracurricular activities just as much as academics. From science and computer labs to libraries and playgrounds – we have it all to ensure your child is getting the enriching experience you want them to have.

When does the admission process start for schools in Delhi?
The admission process of the top private schools in Delhi usually starts in January. However, the exact date may vary from one school to another. So, it’s best to get in touch with the administration of individual schools and find out when the admission process starts.
Is getting admission to a school in Delhi difficult?
Overall, not exactly! Understand that different schools have different admission requirements; in some schools, these “requirements” may be stringent and in others, they may be more relaxed or less intensive. So, the difficulty of getting admission depends entirely on the type of school in Delhi you’re applying to. At LEAD Powered Schools, we’re committed to making quality education accessible to all. We have clearly defined our admission requirements. Please go to the page of our partnering schools in Delhi above and learn more about our admission process.
How to get admission to a school in Delhi?
In general, the admission process to schools in Delhi usually entails submitting the registration form in school, having your child give the entrance exam, filling the admission form (provided the student scores well in the entrance test), submitting the fees, and fulfilling other basic formalities. At LEAD Powered Schools, we follow a simplified admission approach, ensuring maximum convenience and transparency for parents and students.
How can I transfer my child to a school in Delhi?
The transfer process and requirements vary from one school to another. It’s best to consult the school where you’re getting your child transferred.

I need more information about LEAD Powered Schools. Who to contact?
We’re always here to address all your concerns and answer any questions. Click on the schools listed above and check out the page of individual schools. There you would find the name of the contact person and their contact number. Contrarily, you can always get in touch with us on Whatsapp; click here to text us.