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How To Find The Best Schools In Kolkata?

Kolkata has several schools that are popular for their quality of education. Every school also has different teaching staff and amenities that have an impact on your child's academic life. You can find the best schools in Kolkata by going through the list above. Each school has its name, curriculum, and facilities listed under it. You can also find more details about the admission process by clicking on the school name. 


You can filter the search results according to state, city, and locality by using the filters above. By clicking on a school, you can know its exact address and also find directions on the map. The list will make it easier for you to not only know but also locate the desired school in Kolkata. 


Students' Overall Development In Schools

When you are choosing a school for your child, you aren't only choosing a place for education but also for their overall development. Children learn a lot from their interaction with peers and the advice from teachers. To help your child become a responsible and respected individual in the long run, you need to choose a school that focuses on the holistic development of its students. 


Such schools involve various activities in the curriculum, such as dancing, singing, and sports. They also focus on value-based education by combining traditional knowledge and modern curriculum. Schools also act like platforms where students can develop their talents. Encouragement from peers and teachers becomes necessary to excel in co-scholastic activities. The best schools in Kolkata provide ample opportunities for students to work on their skills and interests. 



Which is the best school in Kolkata?
Every child and their parents have a specific set of requirements based on their interests, academic and non-academic goals, and locality. The best school would vary for every individual. You must look for the facilities that you wish to have in a school before selecting one.

What is the annual fee of schools in Kolkata?
The annual fee of a school depends on many factors like the tuition fee, sports fee, and others. Depending on the amenities and teaching staff, school fees might vary. These details have been included in the above list. You can check the annual fee by clicking on the school above.
What are the facilities schools in Kolkata offer?
Schools in Kolkata have the best infrastructure and amenities. One of the important facilities is the availability of smart classes. They make lessons easier and more accessible for students who want to learn from home. They also have well-stocked libraries with several academic and other books. Other amenities include large playgrounds, music, and dance rooms, and karate classes. For students living far from the school, transport facilities are also available. They can also stay at the school hostel, but only a few schools avail of these amenities, and you can check that by going through the list above.
How to get admission to a school in Kolkata?
Getting admission to one of the best schools in Kolkata shouldn't be difficult, provided you fit in the requirements. Each school has an admission process which usually starts with collecting the admission forms. After filling out the forms, the school will shortlist candidates for an interview. After the interview, the selected students are asked to pay the admission fee to finish the process.
How can I transfer my child to a school in Kolkata?
Transferring your child from one school to another requires a transfer certificate and other documentation. These rules change depending on the institute. To know more, send an inquiry to your desired school through LEAD's website. You can know more about them by clicking on the school name in the list above.
I need more information about LEAD Powered Schools. Who to contact?
LEAD has several schools in Kolkata whose information is provided above. You can simply click on the school and read the details. If you want more details or clarifications, you can contact us through Whatsapp by clicking on the link.