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7 LEAD Powered Schools

Identify The Best School For Your Child

Every child has specific requirements during their formative years. To pave the way for a bright future, it is essential to identify a school that suits their needs. Most schools have the vision to impart quality education to all their pupils. However, the amenities and infrastructure differ from institution to institution. 


Apart from that, the location of the school is also crucial. We have mentioned the address of the above schools so you can understand where it is exactly located. You can also filter the results based on city or location. We have also provided other details that will support your decision-making. With LEAD, you can find information about all our partnered schools in a single search.

LEAD For Student Empowerment

At LEAD, we believe that the greatest strength of students is their knowledge. To fully realize their potential, they require various amenities and the latest facilities to help with their education. LEAD understands these requirements and provides schools with the best ed-tech tools that support students’ learning. 


Our schools have state-of-art amenities such as libraries, smart classes, and playgrounds. These help the students not only with academics but also with their values and talents. Our schools also combine learning and play effectively, so students can enjoy studying. We prioritize interactive learning where every student is given an opportunity to explore their interests while also focusing on their curriculum.

Right from Kindergarten, parents foster a dream for their children’s future. Whether it is related to career or their talents, every child deserves the best facilities that help them realize their dreams. By choosing the right school, you are taking a step forward in supporting your child’s goal.


We understand the aspirations of all young minds and have empowered our schools to provide the latest amenities for their students. By choosing LEAD Powered Schools, you can be assured of quality education that prepares your child to face all challenges in the path of achievement