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How To Choose The Perfect School For Your Kid?

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a parent. The teachers, peers, and overall educational quality will have a great impact on your child’s present and future. As such, your decision needs to be carefully made after understanding all the details of the school. 


Many parents only consider past performance when choosing a school. Though it matters, the previous results don’t tell everything you need to know about the institution. One of the more important aspects you need to consider is how much the school focuses on overall personality development. Your child learns not only the curriculum but also the life skills at the institution. You can judge this by looking at the amenities and classes provided at the school. The best schools in Nagpur have well-maintained libraries, playgrounds and also organize special lectures from guest faculty. 


The Importance Of A Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Apart from the amenities, a low student-teacher ratio is also instrumental in your child’s performance at school. While classes are indeed group activities, every child also requires some amount of individual attention from the teacher. No two children are alike, and each one needs to be guided in their own way for them to realize their true potential. 


At a school with a lower number of teachers, the staff can’t individually guide the students. This, in turn, might make some children feel neglected. In order to prevent this, it is best to focus on the number of teachers and students at the time of admission. 


LEAD Powered Schools For An Interactive Learning Experience

Every child deserves access to quality education at affordable prices. At LEAD, we continuously strive to make this dream a reality for as many children as possible. All our affiliated schools teach according to our curriculum that is at par with international standards. The students also have access to a wide network of LEAD Powered Schools that act as a platform for them to build and showcase their talents. 


We also have a Talent Search Examination which gives talented students a chance to win scholarships and prizes for their skills. Students can upskill whenever they want through practical learning programs, student apps, and national-level events. 


More than 12,00,000 students in over 3000 schools are already benefiting through LEAD education. The transformative education quality has been loved throughout the country by parents and students alike. With LEAD, every child gets the opportunities they deserve.