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For many parents, finding a good school in their vicinity is a hard task. While some schools fare better in the amenities, others have good teaching staff. When deci... Read More

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16 LEAD Powered Schools

Every Child Deserves Quality Education

For a child, school is a place for learning and making friends. But the quality of education provided at their school shapes your child's future. Every child is different. They have different interests, goals, and aspirations. They deserve a school which allows them to explore their interests and also encourages them to try new ones. 


When you choose a school, ensure that its facilities align with your child's interests. For example, if your child is interested in singing, make sure that the school has classes related to music and songs.

LEAD Powered Schools Focus On Overall Personality Development

With LEAD, schools become part of a large network that is filled with knowledge and opportunities. Children can learn from professional mentors, instructors, and also through senior students. 


LEAD also identifies talented students through its talent search examinations. These students are provided a platform to showcase their skills and win scholarships. With LEAD, children take an active interest in both studies and co-curricular activities.


Which is the best school in Pune?
Every school has its own atmosphere and amenities. The best school for your child depends on your child's interests. We have listed all the LEAD Powered Schools in Pune that have been trusted by parents over these years. To know more about them, simply click on the school name.
What is the admission process for schools in Pune?
The admission process involves visiting the school and collecting an admission form. Once you fill out the form and submit it to the school, they will go through all the applications and shortlist suitable students. These students are called for a personal interview round, based on which they are granted admission. To know what are the requirements of the school, click on it in the above list.
How is the faculty at schools in Pune?
The faculty at the best schools in Pune are qualified, trained, and experienced. Teachers are taught to utilize teaching aids and smart classes, which make the lessons enjoyable. They also take care of the students' physical and mental well-being and give them the deserved individual attention.
I need more information about LEAD Powered Schools. Who to contact?
Our website contains all the information about LEAD Powered schools. From how LEAD started to where it is now, you can get all the details by browsing our site. You can also click on the above schools to get more information about them. In case you need more assistance, we are just one click away.