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Which is the best school in Salem?
Salem is a proud host to some of the most reputed schools in the country. With the right infrastructure and skilled faculty, these schools ensure that students achieve their true potential. LEAD Powered Schools rank at the top among these schools. Find out more information by typing your location or calling us at 86828 33333.
What is the annual fee of schools in Salem?
The annual fee of schools is based on various factors like school infrastructure, location, board affiliation, reputation, grade of your child, and others. However, on an average in Salem the fees may range from Rs. <lower avg of the city> to Rs. <higher avg of the city>
How to get admission to a school in Salem?
To get admission to a school in Salem you need to shortlist the top schools you want to apply for. Take into consideration various factors like the location of the school, reputation, infrastructure, faculty, etc. Find information about the school online and visit the school to know more. Based on the school, you may use the offline or online process to fill out the application form and pay the fees required for admission.
Is it difficult to get admission to a school in Salem?
Each year, schools decide how many students they will accept depending on the seat availability in each grade and the overall capacity of the school. Due to high demand, some schools may also hold their own entrance exams to decide on new admissions. Some schools also take interviews before giving admissions to new students. The difficulty of getting admission depends on the competition.