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A common question that most parents have on their minds is how to find the best school for their child. Some people ask other parents for suggestions while others go... Read More

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14 LEAD Powered Schools

Make An Informed Choice For Your Child

The best school for your child depends on a lot of factors. The infrastructure, amenities, teachers, and past results all make a difference in the quality of education. Before making a choice, understand your child’s requirements and shortlist schools that serve their interests. If your child loves to draw, a school that has art classes would be ideal for them. 


You can learn about the facilities by clicking on the schools above. Check if the institute maintains a good balance between scholastic and co-scholastic activities. The past performance of school students can give you an insight into the different areas the school excels in. Making an informed choice in the early years of schooling will give your child a secure future. 


LEAD Powered Schools For High Academic Standards

Skill-based knowledge is essential to excel in today’s world. LEAD Powered Schools employ a modern curriculum that stresses skill enhancement. The teachers utilize different teaching methods to convey their lessons. This ensures that every child understands the concepts.


The curriculum also includes English language training using a unique method. The method focuses on all components of language learning, such as speaking, writing, comprehension, grammar, and others. Students at LEAD Powered Schools learn English 1.5 times faster than others. 



Which is the best school in Vizag?
Vizag has several schools that are popular for their high quality of education. We have listed all the best schools in Vizag that are LEAD Powered. To know more about them, click on the desired schools.
What are the amenities available in schools in Vizag?
Schools in Vizag have various facilities that support the holistic development of students. Most schools have libraries for supplementary reading material. They also have playgrounds where yoga and other sports classes are organized to keep the students physically fit. Transport facilities are also available for students who need to commute every day.
What is the annual fee of schools in Vizag?
Every school sets a different annual fee which includes tuition fees, library fees, and others. The fees also depend on the amenities and faculty of the school. You can send an enquiry through LEAD’s website to know more about the fees.
I need more information about LEAD Powered Schools. Who to contact?
We have listed all the required information in the list above. Information such as the admission process, facilities, and classes can be accessed by clicking on the school. For further assistance, feel free to contact us through Whatsapp by clicking on the link.