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How do you pick the right CBSE school for your child in Indore? While there may be many options, you still need to consider which school will give your child quality... Read More

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How to Find the Best CBSE School in Indore for Your Child?

One person’s “best school” may not be another’s. To find the best CBSE school in Indore, you need to first list down all your requirements. For example, some may need good infrastructure, while others may have professional faculty on their top priority list. Once you list down all the factors that you require, then begin your search. Instead of doing a Google search where just the basic information like fee structure is given, go through our list of LEAD Powered Schools in Indore and get all the information you need. You can find all the relevant details like admission process, contact number, contact person, application dates, fee structure, and so on. At LEAD, our motto is to provide the young minds of our country with brilliant education, and thus with this list, you are guaranteed to find a CBSE school that ticks off all your requirements.

LEAD Powered Schools in Indore: Providing quality education to children

At LEAD, we believe in partnering with only those schools that can provide education that matches the international standards, and where students can gain practical exposure instead of just following the traditional methods of learning and studying through books. Be it learning with the help of digital medium or participating in activities that are both engaging and helpful in building important skills like leadership, teamwork, empathy, and respect; we make sure the children of today transform into leaders who are empathetic and skillful. Even the teachers in our partnered schools are extensively trained and can provide quality education, inculcating technology and various activities in the curriculum. All of the things when combined provide an education model that meets the requirements of today and ensures that your child gets all the academic and extra-curricular help that he/she requires.

CBSE Schools that provide the best holistic development for students in Indore

The education model of 10 years ago would turn out to be ineffective for the young generation of today. When children of 5 years of age are learning to operate mobile phones, it’s no wonder that educational lectures and videos are popping up on YouTube and many other digital mediums. We ensure that our LEAD partnered CBSE schools in Indore adopt this technological advancement in their curriculum and not just have smart classes but use them to help students learn in a practical and engaging way. We also make sure that the inner talent of each child can be discovered by providing them avenues like various sports activities, music and dance classes, and even art and craft sessions. The children of today should grow up to do the things they love and not just be academically intelligent and we ensure that at LEAD partnered schools, that is possible.