CBSE Schools in Madurai

One of the oldest cities in India, Madurai has developed a lot when it comes to the educational front. There are many great CBSE schools to select from in Madurai. B... Read More

Find the Best School in Madurai for Your Child

An important decision such as this would require a lot of research and time. Instead of going for a basic internet search that will provide you with just a few details like the address, fee structure, and admission process, we at LEAD have gathered all the other information that you’d need for your decision. But first, you need to list down all the criteria that you consider important for your kid’s school. It could be the distance between the school and home, the availability of a transport facility, a safe and secure environment, good teaching faculty, and so on. Once you list down these factors, then begin your search and from our list of LEAD Powered Schools in Madurai, you’re sure to find one that ticks off all your requirements.

LEAD Powered Schools in Madurai: Providing Quality Education to Students

At LEAD, we believe in providing an international standard of education along with having teachers that are extensively trained by experts and can impart learning in a way that is easily understandable by all students. So, we partner with only those schools where students are promised all this and above all a holistic education that involves learning skills and qualities such as empathy, leadership, teamwork, and respect. We ensure that the children learn through different activities and gain practical exposure that helps them build a bright future which is why LEAD partnered schools are the best place when it comes to the educational start of your child.

CBSE Schools in Madurai with the best infrastructure

The world of education is not what it was like 5 or even 10 years ago. When someone applies for higher education, they no longer check just the grades, they look through and see if the applicant is well versed in other verticals or not. For that reason, good infrastructure in terms of smart classes, playgrounds, music rooms, laboratories, art and craft rooms, are so important. They help the child nurture their inner talent and bring out their creativity. They also help them grow in different fields and learn other skills. At LEAD, we make sure that your child gets the best infrastructure in our LEAD partnered schools.


Are CBSE schools in Madurai expensive?
There are many CBSE schools in Madurai that are quite expensive. But there are also choices that fit your budget and provide quality education. You can check out the individual LEAD Powered Schools above and find more details about them, including their fee structure.
Which is the best CBSE school in Madurai?
Madurai has many great CBSE schools that provide quality education. The best choice for you would depend on your requirements. So, get that list ready before you begin your search.
What is the annual fee of CBSE schools in Madurai?
This varies from one school to another. Above, we have listed down the names of LEAD Powered Schools. Please click on each and check out their fee.
What are the facilities CBSE schools in Madurai offer?
The CBSE schools in Madurai offer various facilities like having smart classes, playgrounds, to even having rooms to carry out extra-curricular activities. At LEAD Powered Schools, you are ensured that your child gets all the facilities that he requires for all-round development.

How to get admission to a CBSE school in Madurai?
Generally, the admission process to CBSE schools goes like this - filling out the registration form, giving an entrance exam, filling out the admission form once the student passes the test, and then submitting the fees and fulfilling basic formalities. At LEAD Powered Schools, we follow a simplified admission approach, ensuring maximum convenience and transparency for parents and students.

I need more information about LEAD Powered Schools. Who to contact?
For any questions or queries you have, we are always here to resolve them. You can click on the schools listed above and check out the page of individual schools. You can contact the person given on our page and ask them your queries. Contrarily, you can always get in touch with us on Whatsapp; click here to text us.