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CBSE schools are well-known for their high quality of education that meets international standards. But when choosing a school, it is also essential to pay attention... Read More

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How To Choose The Best CBSE School?

It is common for parents to want to send their children to a CBSE school. The board is well-known across the nation as one of the best curriculums for primary and high schools. But parents are often confused when choosing the right CBSE school. Even though the syllabus is the same across all CBSE schools, other factors such as the activities and past performance make a difference. 


While choosing a school, take a look at the participation and achievements of its students in both academic and co-curricular activities. This gives you a brief idea about the various activities your child can partake in when at school. Also, know about the teachers as they are the ones who convey the lessons to students. Apart from this, you can also check for other amenities as per your requirements. 


LEAD Powered CBSE Schools For High Education Quality

At CBSE Schools that are LEAD powered, you will find the best combination of the well-known CBSE curriculum with the excellent education quality of LEAD. At LEAD, we meet international education standards through our curriculum and activities. 


Our teachers are trained to utilize quality education through practical learning programs. Special emphasis is laid on English Language training and coding skills, both of which are essential in today’s world. Additionally, LEAD also unlocks several opportunities in your child’s area of interest that help them explore and learn various skills along with their schooling. Overall, LEAD provides a platform for students to learn, grow, and enjoy the overall process of education.



Which is the best CBSE school in Rajasthan?
Rajasthan has many CBSE schools that are affiliated with LEAD. These provide excellent education and numerous opportunities for students of all age groups. The amenities at these schools are some of the best in the state. While these schools continuously strive to excel, the best CBSE school for your child depends on your own requirements. You can shortlist the schools suitable for you by going through the above list.
What are the timings of CBSE schools in Rajasthan?
Most CBSE schools begin at 9:00 a.m. and leave at 5:00 p.m. On Saturdays, they have a half-day and leave at 1:00 p.m. Sundays, and special occasions are a holiday. But depending on the school, these timings may change.
Is getting admission to the best CBSE schools in Rajasthan difficult?
Getting admission in schools completely depends on the admission criteria set by the particular school. If your child meets these requirements, then they can easily get admission to the best CBSE schools. To know more about the admission process, you can send an enquiry through LEAD’s website.
I need more information about LEAD Powered Schools. Who to contact?
The above list of CBSE schools contains all the details, such as the amenities and the admission process. If you want further details, you can send an enquiry through our website. For more clarifications, feel free to contact us through Whatsapp by clicking here.