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LEAD develops future-ready & confident students!

Students need confidence to succeed in life, and we firmly believe a school has a crucial role to play here.
Our meticulously planned school system builds 5 key skills in our students:
  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Thinking Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Exposure
Students need confidence to succeed in life, and we firmly believe a school has a crucial role to play here. Our meticulously planned school system builds 5 key skills in our students - Conceptual Understanding, Thinking Skills, Collaboration Skills, Communication Skills and Exposure.

How LEAD Powered Schools deliver excellent education


International Standard Curriculum

The highest quality curriculum benchmarked with Singapore, US, and Canada education systems accessible to your child irrespective of their location.

  • Learning at par with Singapore, Canada and USA
  • 5 times better learning
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Smart Classrooms

Audio-visual content and grade-wise activity kits don’t just make learning fun for your child, but also help in better understanding of concepts.

  • 100% Smart Classrooms
  • Smart TV with Audio Video-Lessons
  • Grade-wise activity kit
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Super Teachers

Fully certified and trained teachers equipped with the latest educational resources ensure your child’s learning is always on track.

  • Fully Trained & Certified teachers
  • Tablet with readymade resources
  • Personalised attention
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World-class Learning @Home

The LEAD Student App ensures learning never stops and parents become an involved part of their child’s learning.


  • Access to 100% Classroom Content
  • Practice with friends and earn points
  • Explore world’s best learning program


  • Dedicated “Parents” section to track your child’s progress
  • Measure academic performance
  • Receive school notices
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Unlimited Exposure

Students get to attend MasterClass with renowned personalities and participate in national-level competitions that ensure your child undergoes holistic development.

  • Celebrity MasterClasses
  • India’s Biggest Student Championship
  • Student-Led Conferences
  • Scholarship Opportunities
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LEAD provides new-age learning to students via the Student Development System which includes

Multimodal Learning
  • Smart Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • School Activity Kit for activity based learning
  • Books enabled with digital visualisation
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Subject Specific Pedagogies

At LEAD, we benchmark with the best national and international schools and adapt them to the needs of Indian students. We follow a subject-specific pedagogy that builds conceptual understanding among students and helps them retain concepts better

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Unmatched Exposure
  • A national level platform to showcase your child’s talent with LEAD Championships 
  • LEAD Masterclass to learn life skills from renowned experts and personalities 
  • Student-led Conferences where students become teachers and explain concepts to an audience
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School Learning connected with Home Learning
  • Dedicated Student App for Gamified Learning, Unlimited Practice, Interactive Resources like videos, iHomework, practice tests and much more
  • Exclusive Parent Section to partner in your child’s learning journey with important updates and progress reports
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Redefining school education for your child

LEAD is building a culture of excellent and holistic education for every child with its innovative approach to learning

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We are dedicated to bringing modern learning techniques to all corners of the country to benefit all students and prepare them for the competitive world.

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We are a group of highly inspired and passionate individuals who have come together to reshape the future of school education in India.

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Watch how LEAD Partner Schools are building a brighter future for children

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LEAD MasterClass is designed to unleash our students' inner genius. The journey so far has been terrific!

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Sumeet Mehta, Co-founder & CEO of LEAD Group, shares insights on how LEAD is transforming Indian education, one step at a time - KNOW MORE


Sumeet Mehta, Co-founder & CEO of LEAD Group, shares insights on how LEAD is transforming Indian education, one step at a time - KNOW MORE


Mr. Ajay Kashyap, Chief Product Officer at LEAD Group shares views on adapting AI tools for teachers and schools - KNOW MORE


LEAD Group’s 10th CBSE performance higher than overall national performance - KNOW MORE

What Happy Parents Say About Us

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Shilpa Kuril

Simran’s Mother, LKG Student, Genius International Public School, Roopnagar, Punjab.

LEAD is preparing my daughter for a bright & confident future.

Tejinder Kaur

Harshleen's Mother, Genius International Public School, Roopnagar, Punjab

LEAD’s teaching methodology is such that children’s concepts become clear.

Amisha Patel

Mother of Shakshee Patel, Topper of CBSE Class 10 Board Exams, Mother Care School, Nadiad, Gujarat

If a student’s concepts are thoroughly understood, they will be able to pass difficult exams with ease.

Vinay Kumar

Parent, St. Peters High School Sangareddy

Vihan’s father shares how important education has been for his entire family. For the same reason, he wanted Vihan to also know the importance of education in making a good life for himself. He is also a firm believer in concepts, rather than marks. He shares his satisfaction with LEAD’s concept-based approach in helping Vihan understand subjects better. This way he thinks students are not just able to understand better but also able to explain concepts to others. This he thinks is the main differentiating factor in LEAD Powered Schools.

B. Laxmi Narayan, B. Devaki Devi

Parents, St. Anthony’s High School, Sangareddy

Sai Nandhika’s parents share how LEAD follows a step-by-step method of teaching. They are happy with how it is helping their child in understanding better and developing a clear thought process. 

Yogesh and Yogita Tendulkar

Parents, LEAD School, Mangaon

When the pandemic broke out and a lockdown was announced, we were really caught unawares. Suddenly schools shut down and our son was at home the whole day. Not only did his learning stop, we weren’t sure how to keep him engaged all day either. In less than a week, his school went fully online. Classes were conducted as per the timetable. He even had homework, weekly assignments and assessments! It has been a phenomenal experience with LEAD and we are don’t mind it being online or offline. We have become a part of his education and this in the best part.

B. Poojitha

Parent, Camford English High School, Chittoor

In this exclusive LEAD Story, P. Poojitha explores how she and her daughter overcame this educational hurdle with LEAD. Joshitha and her peers followed one of a kind methods for every subject. For example, Maths was taught using the ‘Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract’ method. This helped her visualise algebraic sums and solve them easily.

Sandhya Patil

Parent, Academic Heights Public School

My daughter got an opportunity to participate in a National-level competition. She won the storytelling contest and nothing can make us prouder. When she speaks flawlessly in English, it brings tears to my eyes. This could not have been possible without LEAD’s ELGA program. Not only English, all subjects are taught keeping the real world application in mind. I am confident that my daughter has a bright future and her knowledge and skills will take her places. I am proud to be Ananya’s mother.

Siraj CM

Parent, Meridian Public School

Siraj CM, describes how the LEAD curriculum incorporates the latest technology in its lesson plans and teaching practices in order to keep students up-to-date with the recent trends. He explains how LEAD is highly competitive in remaining one step ahead in terms of providing technical training and skills to children.


Little Flower Matric Hr Sec School

Ranjitha wants her son to develop an interest in studies without having to memorize and without having any stress. With LEAD’s innovative curriculum, she is witnessing a speedy improvement in her son, who is currently at SKG level.

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