Ready-to-use Teaching Tools, Resources

Teaching doesn’t have to be so tedious and challenging.

Teachers at LEAD powered schools get all the tools and resources they need to teach students in the most effective way.

This includes a fully-loaded tab that packs 100 percent ready-made teaching materials, right from worksheets to lesson plans.

Audio-Visual and Interactive Video Content

Audio-Visual and Interactive Video Content

Adopt a modern way of teaching your students to make learning more engaging and effective for them. 

We offer teachers a large library of interactive video content, which also has puzzles and exercises.

Using the dedicated Teacher Tab along with smart TV in every classroom of a LEAD powered school, and engage the students in a more impactful way.

Get Support in Your Growth Journey

Our team continuously works closely with teachers at LEAD powered schools, providing them with insights and strategies to grow and get better.

Now deliver lessons more confidently.

With us, become the “Super teacher” that students (and parents) love.

Dedicated App for Teachers

Dedicated App for Teachers

With a dedicated LEAD Teacher App, always stay organized and reduce your administrative burden of everyday tasks.

Access everything at one place, from training material, attendance, and progress trackers to class schedules, important notifications, and more.

  • States
    20 States
  • Cities
    400 Cities
  • Schools
    3,000 Schools
  • Teachers
    25,000 Teachers
  • Students
    12,00,000 Students

Teach in a way that’s fulfilling for you

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