We are on a mission to bring innovation at the core of the education system – the schools.

Why you will love working with us…

  • Surpass your own expectations
  • Get autonomy to innovate
  • Work with smart people

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At LEAD, you are not just an employee…

You are part of the tribe. We take pride in fostering a culture of continuous innovation and problem solving. By being a part of this organization, you will start embracing challenges as opportunities, bring your best to the table and leave your mark on the school edtech space.

Why you will love working with us

We encourage you to voice your opinions and tell us how we can change the status quo. At LEAD, where you come from doesn’t matter. What matters is what you can CONTRIBUTE!

Make an impact with us

We take pride in being a meritocracy. Your skills and opinions help us become better.

Surpass your own expectations

We aim high and work with passion. With a shared vision and the right tools, we help you make it BIG, both in your career and life!

Get autonomy to innovate

At LEAD, your point of view matters. We empower and trust our people to make decisions that will help shape the future of the organization.

Life at LEAD

Work with great people

We look to have the brightest, most passionate and empathetic people on board. In an organization driven by meritocracy, every day you will learn something new from the people around you.

What it's like to work at LEAD

We help you grow, both as a professional and as a person

Life at LEAD

We value skills

We believe in excellence both while providing services and developing our organization. At LEAD, the only thing that matters is what you bring to the table. With skills and passion together we can achieve greater heights.

We value culture

At LEAD, we strive to build and maintain a culture that helps everyone learn, grow and feel a sense of belonging. We cherish people for who they are and what they bring to us.

Life at LEAD

We value opinions

Being an organization that believes in continuous innovation, we need you to voice your opinions fearlessly. We want people to point out what can be changed, so that we can become a better version of ourselves. You are empowered and encouraged to make decisions that help us grow.

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Campus hiring

We love the energy and enthusiasm early career professionals bring. We are an organization that keeps looking for people who bring passion along with skills. If your campus has a pool of candidates interested in joining us we would be happy to explore our partnership.

Please share a proposal from your campus placement cell to [email protected] to invite us for campus hiring at your institute.


Starting early as a student intern has numerous advantages. It’s a great opportunity to explore what you like and we benefit from your curiosity and enthusiasm. As an intern, you will get the chance to work on real-life projects, help solve complex problems, and get mentored by seasoned professionals from the industry.

Interested in applying? Email your application and profile to [email protected] and mention your areas of interest.

Fresh graduates and postgraduates

Want to join our journey of transforming school education in India? We welcome individual candidates fresh out of college. Whether a graduate or a postgraduate, with your talent and enthusiasm you will help us change the educational landscape in India.

Please email your resume to [email protected] and mention your areas of interest.

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