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What makes a school 100% complete?

LEAD School provides an Integrated system to each of its partner schools to ensure a high-quality learning and teaching experience. With our 9-point transformation checklist, each school we partner with turns into centers of excellent learning. Every child deserves such excellent education and with LEAD your school can also provide this holistic learning opportunity to every student.

Ensuring a Holistic Learning Experience for Your Child

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    Digital learning content

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    Physical Reader & Workbooks

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    Regular assessments & Practices quizzes

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    Live classes from LEAD expert teacher

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    Doubt clarification

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    National competitions


Is Your
School 100%

  • Homework

  • Live and recorded classes

  • Social and Emotional Support

  • Customized time table

  • Doubt Solving

  • Online Assessments

  • Reporting

  • Remedials

  • Revision


Our Growth Story

A Centre of excellent learning

The world is getting ready for the new normal. The best way to address it is to embrace it. With LEAD's Integrated System, your school can deliver uninterrupted excelllent learning, both online and in school, while using world class teaching pedagogies to achieve high learning outcomes for every child.

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    1. Teacher App
    2. Engaging & Effective lesson plans
    3. Teaching Resources
    4. On-demand Training
    5. Assessments with analysis
    6. Remedial planning
    7. Student Progress Reports
    8. Reports for PTMs
    9. Constant Feedback
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    School owners

    1. World-class curriculum for all subjects
    2. Fully Tech-enabled school
    3. All materials & devices for school transformation
    4. Real-time tracking of operations
    5. Year-long support
    6. High Student Performance
    7. Better Admissions
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    1. Performance reports
    2. Resource banks
    3. Teacher training workshops
    4. Attendance reports
    5. Professional network

Great results guaranteed!

The world is getting ready for the new normal. The best way to address it is to embrace it. With LEAD School's tech solution, schools can continue teaching - online, offline, or hybrid - while maintaining the best teaching standards and learning outcomes.

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