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Samrock Convent School started in 2011 on the first Month of March with the staff of 11 and 55 students. Class pre-nursery to class 4 were the classes running for the academic year of march 2011 to february 2012. Our school opened with a view or dream of educating every child no matter what his caste, creed or color. We started with the minimum of space, learning material and advertising. Today, with God's blessings we are recognized and Known in our city with a student strength of 124 and 17 staff members. The school is child oriented with giving maximuum time, attention and practice in absorbing information to its fullest. Our fees are affordable and text books are compulsory only after class 5. Home work is given only when necessary for practise to be done by the children and not as a burden on parents. Small scale productions are made by students from class 3 onwards to raise funds for the school through the school fete' on the 14th of November every year. We have small cooks, efficient knitters and embroiderers and innovative, creative art craft items produced every year since 2011. We visit important places of commercial and social welfare like the bank, police station, the inn and the international hotel, the market, bus stand, fishery, printing press, the park, water projects, post offiice, the hospital. to Know the working and importance of the place practically. The school and staff picnics every year have made the Samrock family of students and staff more staff more close knit as ever. Programs and functions help each individual to be more outward, confident and responsive to extracurricular activities and the stage. Surprise tests Keep children ready for assessments. Continuous revision and resaps have given us a 100% attendance and no exam fevers or aches during the past 4 year of examination Actual execution of proper etiquette and table manners are practised at the restaurants with prior practise at school form the very little toddlers to the seniors. We help improve individual imagination fot dtore and essay writing by encouraging the watching of english children's movies every second month of the year. At the end of every month, the school staff with the parents check out the progress of every student and also interact towards the upliftment of the school and its needs.

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Ms Michelle Maish

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Behind Hotel Fancy, Dhalpur District Kullu
Kullu Himachal Pradesh


  • Ms Michelle Masih

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