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Your skills make a whole world of difference in the classroom. At Pearson, we offer continuous support to you and to improve your skills. Our K-12 ecosystem for educators includes suggestive lesson plans, and state-of-the-art ActiveTeach to foster innovative teaching. We also organize advanced workshops and webinars for K-12 educators to improve their skills which results in a better learning atmosphere in the classroom.

Empowering you to implement a growth mindset

Growth Mindset

Digital Workshops and Webinars

Pearson organizes over 300 workshops and webinars in a year in schools across India to upskill teachers and help them grow.

Growth Mindset

Active Teach for Integrated Teaching

This platform integrates textbooks with a digital learning experience to ensure an engaging and fun classroom environment.

Growth Mindset

Well-designed Lesson Plans

Enter the class with full preparation to engage student interaction with detailed lesson plans, worksheets and textbooks.

Refer our Rich Blended Learning Resources Our K-12 Education Portfolio


It is the most premium, sought-after K-12 segment and offers a variety of publications on language, literature and teaching methodology to English teachers and learners.

Education Portfolio
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Ace With Aster
New Aster Advanced
New English Carnival
Climb With Cornerstone
Tune Into Grammer
Longman Impressions
Longman Grammar and Composition


Your best resources that offer a high-quality, robust learning experience. Now learning is much more enhancing!

Universal Maths Prime
Ace With Aster
Expanded Universal Science (11-12)
ICSC Universal Science
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Humanities & Social Science

Now studying humanities & social science just got better! We have comprehensive resources for you to improve your knowledge of the subject.

New Longman Vistas
Longman Hostory and Civics and Geography
My Watchtower
Know and Grow with Derek
Longman Atlas
Be a GK Champ
Nutan Udbhav
Nav Ullas
Rachnatmak Vyakaran

Term & Semester Series

Grades 1-5 students, your ultimate resource for higher learning is here! Pentacle series integrated series that attempts to sensitize learners about the importance and the need to conserve the five elements. Master your core subjects (English, Mathematics, EVS/Science, Social Studies & General Knowledge) with our Crest & Crystal Integrated Term & Semester series and get a strong grasp.



The Nurture programme focuses on the holistic development of a child during their crucial pre-primary years.

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