Salute To Parents

Parents are the biggest contributors to their children’s lives. From providing for the basic needs of their children to helping them be ready for life, parents do it all while expecting nothing but success for their children.

The latest film from LEAD is a tribute to all parents and caregivers, who in their own ways make numerous sacrifices to see their children grow up happy and successful.

Watch it and do share it with your friends and family!

Why Choose LEAD

International Standard Education that's at Par with the Latest Trends

At a LEAD powered school, your child receives international standard education through our deeply researched curriculum.

Prepare them to excel in the changing world of today and be ready for challenges of tomorrow.

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Why Choose LEAD

A Gamified Learning Experience at Home

Studying doesn’t have to be a boring task.

And it shouldn’t be just restricted to school.

With our LEAD Student App, your child can learn through interesting gamified modules at home.

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Why choose LEAD

Beyond the Theories, Into the Practical World

Students at LEAD powered schools can partake in national-level events and Talent Search Exams, gaining the practical exposure and experience to get an edge in the real world.

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Our Solutions

We have different tiers to meet the distinct
needs and requirements of different school owners.

LEAD School Academic
LEAD - School Academic & Admissions Marketing Solution

Get complete school academic and admissions marketing solutions, including our deeply researched international standard curriculum for all subjects, school listing, and training for teachers.

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School marketing solution
LEAD Altus - Exclusive Academic & School Marketing Solution for Premier Schools

Premier schools need premier solutions to deliver international standard education. Now, build and test higher order thinking skills for your students with our premium offerings like smart reading program, smart practice and higher rigor assessments.

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Management for Your School Operations
Managed Services - End-to-end Management for Your School Operations

With our experience and expertise of working with 9000+ partners in School & Education domain, LEAD's Managed Services offers expert school advisory & management for your school, so that you can be free from day-to-day rigor of running your school successfully.

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ENROL - India’s first School Admissions Marketing Product

ENROL makes getting higher school admissions easy for you. Our experts will do all the hard work using our dedicated admissions product.

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The LEAD Advantage Your Child Deserves

  • Simplifying Teaching

    Quality education

    Never compromise on the quality of education your child receives. At a LEAD powered school, they only get the best learning experience and outcomes.

  • LEAD Growth

    LEAD Academy Certified teachers

    Our teachers are extensively trained and certified with experience in enabling students’ success.

  • Simplifying Teaching

    Deeply researched and internationally benchmarked curriculum

    Our curriculum, widely acclaimed, is deeply-researched and practical in approach.

  • Simplifying Teaching

    Practical programs

    We also offer our trademark English curriculum (ELGA - English Language & General Awareness), as well as specific coding programs through our Coding & Computational Skills (CCS) program.

  • Simplifying Teaching

    Modern infrastructure

    Our partner schools are equipped with the best-in-class facilities that you are looking for in your child’s school.

  • Simplifying Teaching

    Dedicated student app

    With our dedicated LEAD Student App that has gamified modules, learning never stops for your child, be it at school or even at home.

  • Simplifying Teaching

    A reputed brand

    LEAD is one of India’s most trusted brands in the education sector, with a presence in over 400+ cities across the country.

  • Simplifying Teaching

    National-level events

    Our exclusive events and championships provide students exclusive opportunities to compete at a national level to their all-round growth.

  • LEAD Growth

    LEAD Student Connect program

    The program allows students to connect with other students across the country, learn new skills, and build a professional network.

  • States
    20 States
  • Cities
    400 Cities
  • Schools
    9,000 Schools
  • Teachers
    50,000 Teachers
  • Students
    5 Million Students

What Happy Parents Say About Us

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Yogesh and Yogita Tendulkar

Parents, LEAD School, Mangaon

When the pandemic broke out and a lockdown was announced, we were really caught unawares. Suddenly schools shut down and our son was at home the whole day. Not only did his learning stop, we weren’t sure how to keep him engaged all day either. In less than a week, his school went fully online. Classes were conducted as per the timetable. He even had homework, weekly assignments and assessments! It has been a phenomenal experience with LEAD and we are don’t mind it being online or offline. We have become a part of his education and this in the best part.

B. Poojitha

Parent, Camford English High School, Chittoor

In this exclusive LEAD Story, P. Poojitha explores how she and her daughter overcame this educational hurdle with LEAD. Joshitha and her peers followed one of a kind methods for every subject. For example, Maths was taught using the ‘Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract’ method. This helped her visualise algebraic sums and solve them easily.

Shanas Ayesha

Parent, Crescent Girls School

My daughter has been participating in national level competitions and at such a young age she is so confident. I admire the way her teachers and principal have been encouraging students to go out of their comfort zone and try new things. These are the skills that will really help her shine in the future and I am proud to be a part of this process. She keeps asking questions and never gets tired!

Rajendra Khade

Parent, LEAD School, Mangaon

My two young children study in LEAD’s Mangaon branch. In the remote region, to have a school that provides excellent education was surprising for parents. When LEAD began, the teachers explained to us their future plans. They kept their word and built the school uptil higher grades. We also are proud of the way LEAD teaches English using its ELGA curriculum.

Sandhya Patil

Parent, Academic Heights Public School

My daughter got an opportunity to participate in a National-level competition. She won the storytelling contest and nothing can make us prouder. When she speaks flawlessly in English, it brings tears to my eyes. This could not have been possible without LEAD’s ELGA program. Not only English, all subjects are taught keeping the real world application in mind. I am confident that my daughter has a bright future and her knowledge and skills will take her places. I am proud to be Ananya’s mother.

K Deekshitha

Student of Camford Group of Schools

K Deekshitha, a student from Camford English High School, shares very experience studying in a LEAD Powered School. In this beautiful LEAD Story, she talks about how her classroom transformed after becoming tech-enabled.

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  • What's different about LEAD powered schools?

    LEAD powered schools are a part of India’s largest school network that thrives on innovation and transformative education. Our partner schools are equipped with cutting-edge facilities and best practices that combine to deliver students a superior quality education and an impactful learning experience.

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