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How does LEAD’s pre-primary school curriculum work?

LEAD’s pre-primary curriculum is an integrated theme-based curriculum that follows a multi modal approach to ensure holistic development of children.

It is benchmarked with NEL Singapore and is in line with NCERT pre-school curriculum as prescribed by NEP 2020.

In pre-primary, we focus on six learning areas:

1. Environment Sciences
2. Language and Literacy
3. Numeracy and logic
4. Motor skills and physical development
5. Aesthetics and creative expression
6. Social and emotional development

All these learning areas are integrated to help the child build strong foundational skills.

Pre-primary pedagogy constitutes of six primary components

Class 2 Curriculum
Morning Routine

The morning routine helps children settle down as they begin their day and sets the tone of the day while providing opportunities to build socio-emotional skills. Every day students have a morning routine where they explore 4 learning corners, then learn through music and movement, and finally, have circle time with their class.

LEAD Prelims
Early EVS

Develops a deeper understanding of EVS concepts through exploratory activities. This is done through various hands-on activities, experiments, exploration, and field visits. The topics are carefully chosen so that they understand their world better.

Early ELGA

Builds a strong foundation of English language skills. In ELGA (English Language and General Awareness) we cover Phonics, Sight words, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Listening-Speaking. Together they help the child become an independent reader, writer, speaker, and an active listener.


Early Mathelogic

Develops mathematical and logical-thinking skills through the practice and application. We follow a unique CPA approach (Concrete- Pictorial- Abstract). Children learn to apply their critical-thinking, logical-thinking, and problem-solving skills in everyday life.

Creative Art
Creative Arts

It introduces them to the world of music, dance, art, and craft. With the help of visual art and performing art, the child learns to express themselves creatively. It also helps them learn to perform confidently in front of an audience.

Physical and Yoga
Physical & Yoga

It is a way to develop physical and mental well-being. Different activities help the child develop their gross motor skills, and fine motor skills are covered during this time. This is also where we focus on the mental and emotional well-being of the children.

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