Make your child confident in Hindi language by drastically improving reading,
writing and speaking skills


How Sampoorna Hindi Program helps your child succeed?

With this program, we bring the unique way of teaching languages as skill, rather than as a subject, to Hindi.

Teachers at LEAD-powered schools are provided the right training and new-age resources to make teaching Hindi a more effective and enjoyable experience for your child.

Your child develops strong comprehension and thinking skills with our multi-modal learning approach. There is also a special focus on grammar and phonetic skills leading them to better written and spoken expression of Hindi that also results in improving your child’s performance in exams.

What makes the Sampoorna Hindi Program unique?

Component based approach

Language learning is simplified by breaking it into its core components of Phonics, Whole Words, Reading & Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Writing & Speaking Expression

Integrated Program

Language skills are augmented with General Awareness and Values. This goes beyond academics to develop a students’ social and relationship skills.

Holistic development

The curriculum is based on LEAD Values of – Learn, Think, Do, Be, which focuses on developing a well-balanced individual with strong character and values.

Unique 5C framework

Curriculum designed on 5C framework – Connection to life, Connection to prior learning, Catering to different learners, Concentric learning, Contextualization of learning

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