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Comprehensive Teacher Training Courses by LEAD

At LEAD, we help teachers realize their potential, students succeed in the classroom, and schools grow through our comprehensive teacher training courses. These courses include teacher development workshops and our dedicated teacher training portal: LEAD Academy.

Why Choose Our Teacher Training Programs?

  • We strongly believe that implementing a teacher training program regularly is the key to success for a school.Therefore we conduct teacher training programs twice a year in every partner school
  • We give expert guidance on how to use our products effectively and how to derive the maximum student benefits through our internationally benchmarked curriculum
  • These teacher training programs are conducted by expert Academic Excellence Managers (AEMs) who also regularly work with the teachers to improve their teaching effectiveness
Expert-led teacher training

Empowering Teachers with Essential Skills

We conduct teacher training programs focused on essential skills to drive excellent student learning outcomes. Our comprehensive teacher training courses and teacher development workshops ensure your educators are well-equipped with the latest teaching methodologies and classroom management strategies.

During these sessions, they learn:

Essential Skills for Teachers

How to teach effectively in class using our internationally benchmarked content

Essential Skills for Teachers

Effective classroom management strategies

Essential Skills for Teachers

Tips on how to prepare for and conduct a class effectively

Need and Importance of Teacher Education

Continuous professional development is crucial for teachers to stay updated with the latest educational trends and techniques. Our programs emphasize the need for ongoing teacher education to ensure high-quality teaching standards.

Our professional courses for teachers and teacher training modules cover a wide range of topics designed to enhance teaching effectiveness. We also offer online teaching courses through LEAD Academy, allowing teachers to continue their professional development at their convenience.

Continuous Learning with LEAD Academy

Through LEAD Academy, a dedicated teacher training portal, teachers can easily access training sessions, workshops, and certification programs anytime they want. It contains modules of certified training courses with educational videos and up-to-date learning material.

Teacher training portal

The LEAD Advantage to Upskill Teachers

  • Extensive teacher training programs and workshops

    Extensive teacher training programs and workshops

  • Training by experts

    Training by

  • Regular training and feedback

    Regular training
    and feedback

  • Online certification courses

    Online certification

  • Dedicated platform for all-time access

    Dedicated platform for
    all-time access

  • Access to all-India network

    Access to all-India

  • States
    20 States
  • Cities
    400 Cities
  • Schools
    9,000 Schools
  • Teachers
    50,000 Teachers
  • Students
    5 Million Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the teacher training program provided by LEAD a default part of the LEAD package?

    Yes. We provide Two Teacher Development Workshops, one before the start of the academic year and another after the Middle Of the Year (MOY) exam. Along with the same, teachers get access to the LEAD Academy to access training sessions, workshops, and certification programs.
  • Can a school owner get a demo of the teacher training program conducted by LEAD?

  • Is there any certification provided upon completion of the training?

  • How do these training programs improve student outcomes?

  • What are the benefits of enrolling in LEAD’s teacher training courses?

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