LEAD Academy and certification program

LEAD Academy is the culmination of rigorous efforts by LEAD to equip our teachers to become best-in-class and to stay at the top of their game with the help of training and development.

It broadly comprises of:

  • A 3-year certification program for teachers and leaders
  • Teacher development workshops
  • Online training through webinars

Ease of access

Teachers can easily access the Learning Management System (LMS) from the LEAD Teacher App using a single-sign-on system. Training sessions, workshops, and certification programs are all available at their fingertips.


The LMS contains modules of training courses with educational videos and constantly updated learning material. On completing modules, teachers are awarded certificates to recognise and validate their efforts.

Easy tracking

The LMS allows teachers and school owners to easily track the status of these training modules as well as participation across live training sessions and webinars. This helps teachers plan their schedules and individual development plans effectively. School owners can also track the number of certificates achieved by each teacher in their school, helping them recognize the top performers.

Customised profile and training modules

At LEAD, we offer customised training content based on our partner school teachers’ individual needs, the subjects they handle, and their career plans. This ensures that sessions are relevant and encourages active participation among teachers.

Regular notifications and updates

The LMS is connected to each teacher’s phone number, where all important updates and notifications are shared regularly. This includes reminders regarding training sessions and incomplete modules.

How LEAD helps teachers

What Excellent Teachers Say About Us

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Durga Devi

Teacher of Camford Group of Schools

Numerous students have difficulty with Math formulae which makes them fear algebraic problems. Durga Devi, a Math teacher in Camford Group of Schools, Chittor, sought to help her students overcome challenges surrounding this subject.

Haripriya K

Teacher of Camford Group of Schools

It is indeed a humbling moment to see schools accept our methodology and trust us with their progress. Haripriya K, an academic coordinator of Camford English High School, shares her journey with LEAD.

Shwetangana Santram

Principal, Wilsonia Scholars Home

Children find the online classes fun too. We were initially worried but LEAD’s changes have been accepted well by both students and parents. The pandemic has changed the way schooling works and it is time for us to accept these changes and give it our best. I am happy that my teachers and students get world-class resources and opportunities.

Kanchan Sawant

Academic Coordinator, LEAD, Mangaon

Sharing knowledge with children and watching them grow is my passion and it fuels me to be a better teacher daily! LEAD has provided all the teachers in our school some amazing resources. I love the audio-visual resources available on the teacher tab. Can you believe, we have 100% attendance even during online classes. Every teacher attends trainings and workshops so that teaching and learning are equally enjoyable.

C R Jayashankar

Correspondent, Jayapriya Vidyalaya

We are shocked to see the impact LEAD has had on our students and parents. Parents refuse to shift their children to another school or branch, if the school is not associated with LEAD. They are able to see a drastic change in their child’s overall performance, especially English. As a correspondent, I am also able to see that students are a lot more engaged and confident, even during online classes.

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