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It’s unlikely that the challenges posed by the pandemic and the subsequent disruption will dissipate soon. Nevertheless, our family is continuously growing. With each new partner school, LEAD is in a unique position to help teachers connect, learn, and exchange information and best practices with other teachers throughout the country.

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Learning best practices from other teachers

Learning best practices from other teachers

Teaching is an art. With access to the right tools, resources, and techniques, a teacher can convey the same topic in multiple ways. At LEAD, we believe that teachers don’t need to reinvent the wheel when teaching. What we mean by this is that if something worked successfully in one class, it’s very likely that replicating it in another will work just as well.

Our team organises many live panel discussions and webinars to help teachers learn best practices and new techniques from other teachers. Currently, we have more than 10,000 partner school teachers learning, applying, and exchanging their knowledge with their peers.

Opportunity to connect with teachers across the country

Opportunity to connect with teachers across the country

With the right kind of peer network and support, teaching can be transformed from a profession to a lifestyle. A safe environment for teachers to share and connect with each other is a basic requirement. By connecting with their colleagues from schools spread across India, teachers will be able to get round-the-clock inspiration to improve their skills.

A peer network will also help them remain motivated and abreast with the latest updates in education. At LEAD, we are constantly trying to empower teachers and support their careers. By providing them with a professional networking space, we help teachers connect to the goals and ideals that drew them into education in the first place.

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Shwetangana Santram

Principal, Wilsonia Scholars Home

Children find the online classes fun too. We were initially worried but LEAD’s changes have been accepted well by both students and parents. The pandemic has changed the way schooling works and it is time for us to accept these changes and give it our best. I am happy that my teachers and students get world-class resources and opportunities.

C R Jayashankar

Correspondent, Jayapriya Vidyalaya

We are shocked to see the impact LEAD has had on our students and parents. Parents refuse to shift their children to another school or branch, if the school is not associated with LEAD. They are able to see a drastic change in their child’s overall performance, especially English. As a correspondent, I am also able to see that students are a lot more engaged and confident, even during online classes.

Selvamani Sivalingam

Academic Correspondent, Adarsh Vidhyalaya

We decided to choose LEAD when the lockdown was announced. It was a blessing in disguise. We were completely in the dark and could not have started online school without LEAD’s help. We chose this at the right time and are happy to see the progress being made. The pandemic would have resulted in serious consequences if we had not made this decision in March 2020.

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