What is the IIT-JEE/NEET Foundation?

It is an in-school test preparation program to prepare students for competitive exams like IIT-JEE/ NEET/ NTSE/ Olympiads etc.

The program has been specially designed for schools by a team of IITians with expertise and experience in competitive test prep.

It combines the best of online and offline modes of teaching to deliver the best learning outcomes.

How does it benefit your school

Benefit Your School Results
Benefit Your School

Better school exam as well as competitive exam results

Enhanced prestige and image of the school in the city

Higher student retention, higher admissions, higher margin

Staying relevant in the changing educational landscape

Benefit Your School

How does it benefit your students

Benefit Your School Results Benefit Your School Results

Personal attention & focus on each student by the school and master teacher

Reduces time wasted in travel, gives more time for self-study

High quality program at an affordable price

Exposes children to the format & rigor of national-level competitive exams

Different programs to suit your needs

Features Student Learning Features Student Learning

Program Features

Live Classes From Masters
Foundation Books And Workbook
Ai Power Self Study
IIT-JEE/NEET Pattern All India Assesments
Students Progress & Performance Reports
School Support For Successful Program Execution

Program Features

Foundation Hybrid Program

LEAD Foundation Hybrid LEAD Foundation Hybrid

Our Past Results

Our students achieved stellar results in JEE/NEET entrance examinations

Our Past Results Our Past Results

Teacher Profiles

Meet our Expert Faculty from Top Institutes

Teacher Profiles Teacher Profiles


Trusted By School Owners

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

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Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

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