Manage Classroom Effortlessly

Empower the teachers at your school to champion classroom management with the right, cutting-edge solutions.

Our online class management system packs plenty of features, from exam scheduling and built-in assessment to curriculum delivery, attendance record, and more.

These features enable teachers to be more productive and efficient.

It makes classroom management an effortless delight with centralized tracking and control.

Simplifying Classroom Management for Our Partnering Schools

At LEAD Powered Schools, our teachers get access to the best class management system software with our all-in-one academic ERP.

We offer teachers a fully-loaded tab, which packs rich features they require for seamless classroom management, right from communicating with the students with a push of a button to tracking students’ study progress.

Maximize Efficiency of Your Teachers

  • Boost productivity

    Boost productivity

  • Enhance teacher-student communication

    Enhance teacher-student communication

  • Promote transparency

    Promote transparency

  • Bring convenience

    Bring convenience

  • Track student's progress

    Track student's progress

  • Improve teaching delivery

    Improve teaching delivery

  • States
    20 States
  • Cities
    400 Cities
  • Schools
    9,000 Schools
  • Teachers
    50,000 Teachers
  • Students
    5 Million Students

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a class management system?

    A class management system is a tool that allows you to manage your classes and students’ progress. Class management systems take the burden off of the instructor by allowing them to focus on what they need to do best: teaching.

    The teachers can spend their time focusing on each student’s progress instead of worrying about the administrative tasks of keeping track of students and their information.

  • What are the components of a classroom management system?

  • What are the benefits of a classroom management system?

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