Science and
Science (EVS)

Making your child an independent thinker by helping them
learn by doing and interacting with their environment


How is EVS taught at LEAD?

Our primary to 5th grade students are taught EVS using our specially designed in-house curriculum.

The EVS curriculum is theme-based and covers topics under the broad umbrellas of Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

How is Science taught at LEAD?

Students in middle and high school are taught science using NCERT+ and supplementary material.

The curriculum is based on NCERT. Connected chapters are combined to form a unit. These units are then categorised under Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

What makes LEAD's Approach unique?

Strong Foundation

Expand upon foundations to explore deeper concepts in EVS and Science with a special focus on application.

Learn by Doing

Students gain first-hand understanding of concepts through exploring, experimenting, and observing things around them.

Connect to real-life

Develop thinking skills and application of their learning in real-life situations for better understanding of concepts.

Student Success Stories

Anureet Kaur | LEAD Super Champ | Winner of the Student Led Conferences

Bhoomi Janwani | LEAD Super Champ | Winner of the Student Led Conferences

Adrika Shukla | LEAD Super Champ | Winner of the Student Led Conferences

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