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    1700 +


  • Lead School Teachers

    10000 +


  • Lead School Students

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Give your school the LEAD advantage

Our mission

Empowering India by making excellent schools accessible and affordable to every child.


Our core mantra

Lead School Learn

Robust understanding of

English Math Science Social Science Local languages Physical education & Yoga Performing & Visual artComputational & Coding Skills

Students Thinking Ability

Thinking ability to

Think deeply Make connections Appreciate multiple perspectives

Students Action

Take action to make things happen

Create goals Persist Apply their learning

Students Practice

Practice the habits of Leaders

Integrity Growth mindset Courage Empathy Being the cause

Our Investors

Elevar Equity has been at the forefront of impact investing since 2006. Led by an entrepreneurial emerging markets team, Elevar seeks to connect the economic resilience and vibrancy of low income communities with capital markets. To address issues of access and inequity, Elevar invests early growth capital in entrepreneurs and businesses that demonstrate a direct correlation between high impact and returns. The Elevar Method of investing has democratized essential products and services for over 30 million low income households in India and Latin America, and catalyzed billions of dollars of capital into 40+ companies.

WestBridge AIF I, a Category II Alternative Investment Fund registered with the securities market regulator in India, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, proposes to leverage both its capital and experience to help companies succeed and seeks to partner with some of India’s promising companies run by good entrepreneurs and management teams for the long-term. WestBridge is sector agnostic and makes investments in both unlisted and listed Indian companies with a potential to earn attractive returns.

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