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At LEAD, we believe in having a holistic approach to education and academics. To make children future-ready, we must also make them aware of the new career options available today. Based on their talents and inclinations, we encourage our students to dream big—bringing the next generation of writers, scientists, sports stars, musicians, and artists to life.

To implement this idea, we have introduced the LEAD MasterClass series to help our students learn about various professions from well-known industry experts and trainers.

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The journey so far

These exclusive learning sessions with experts and celebrities aim to unlock the power of truly transformative education for children in our partner schools. Each month, there is a MasterClass on a different topic hosted by a renowned celebrity. These MasterClasses are followed by a series of sessions every Sunday, designed and hosted by industry experts. Not only do children get a chance to interact with their celebrity heroes, but they also get a glimpse of the real world and the new career options they can work towards.

Content Writing MasterClass by Chetan Bhagat

In our debut LEAD MasterClass, we had the privilege of inviting one of India’s leading authors, Chetan Bhagat. Following our ‘Creative Writing’ theme of the month, the author discussed what he does best: the art of storytelling and creative writing.

With competitors at every turn in this growing industry, it isn’t easy to make it big as a writer in India. With both practical advice and motivational words for the students, Mr Bhagat dissected his success mantra and secrets for turning passion into a profession. Children from our partner schools eagerly participated in the session and asked many exciting questions about writing, career development, and fictional storytelling.

Following Mr Bhagat’s MasterClass, industry experts Anshul Punhani and Sonia Bareja engaged children further in follow-up sessions. They helped students get a deeper understanding of characters, poetry, and story narration. After the sessions, students were encouraged to submit their poems and stories as part of a contest.

Fitness and Health MasterClass by Sania Mirza

We were honoured to welcome famous sports personality Sania Mirza as the celebrity LEAD MasterClass host in early August. In line with the month’s ‘Fitness & Yoga’ theme, Sania discussed the highs and lows of touching the absolute apex in her sports career.

She motivated students to have a disciplined routine and work hard each day. She took a page from her own book and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves. Enthusiastic students asked her about sports careers, women in sports, and nutrition in sports, which she answered with equal enthusiasm.

Following the MasterClass, India’s leading children’s yoga expert Sabrina Merchant taught basic yoga asanas and breathing techniques to students and spoke about the role of fitness and mental wellbeing in the long run.

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Sandhya Patil

Parent, Academic Heights Public School

My daughter got an opportunity to participate in a National-level competition. She won the storytelling contest and nothing can make us prouder. When she speaks flawlessly in English, it brings tears to my eyes. This could not have been possible without LEAD’s ELGA program. Not only English, all subjects are taught keeping the real world application in mind. I am confident that my daughter has a bright future and her knowledge and skills will take her places. I am proud to be Ananya’s mother.

Rajendra Khade

Parent, LEAD School, Mangaon

My two young children study in LEAD’s Mangaon branch. In the remote region, to have a school that provides excellent education was surprising for parents. When LEAD began, the teachers explained to us their future plans. They kept their word and built the school uptil higher grades. We also are proud of the way LEAD teaches English using its ELGA curriculum.

Shanas Ayesha

Parent, Crescent Girls School

My daughter has been participating in national level competitions and at such a young age she is so confident. I admire the way her teachers and principal have been encouraging students to go out of their comfort zone and try new things. These are the skills that will really help her shine in the future and I am proud to be a part of this process. She keeps asking questions and never gets tired!

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LEAD MasterClass: the journey so far

LEAD MasterClass is designed to unleash our students' inner genius. The journey so far has been terrific!

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