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How to make your school digital?

Digital School

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Over the last few years, the education sector has changed drastically. Education is no longer confined to the classroom. With innovation and digitization, the education sector in India is evolving rapidly. Schools that can keep up with the dynamic nature of this sector have outsmarted their counterparts. Moreover, these schools offer a great learning environment to the students. It is indeed a primary need of schools to upgrade and use tools and technologies to ensure better school management.

In fact, due to the pandemic, schools were compelled to go digital, and the entire education system has gone a complete transformation. Initially, schools struggled to make the shift from classroom teaching to digital classrooms. But learning management system (LMS) came to the rescue. LMS in education not only simplifies online learning but also creates a better classroom experience.

An efficient learning management system is the perfect solution for all your school management needs. It automates all the administrative processes and helps you streamline them. So let’s understand how your school can go digital by using the LMS software.

Digitization of educational materials

LMS in education enables the creation and sharing of educational materials with all students regardless of whether they are in the classroom or online. Students can get access to the lesson plans in advance, including learning objectives, activities, and other important components of lectures. Multiple resources like YouTube videos or reading material can be easily embedded in the lesson plans to encourage active and fun learning. Even textbooks in the form of ebooks can be shared via LMS software.

Live Classes with Recordings

LMS in education allows teachers to conduct live classes that are interactive and they can record the classes for the future. If the students don’t understand a concept, they can watch the recorded videos later on. It is a great tool that makes solving doubts easier and also saves a lot of time for teachers.

Parental access to class schedule, lesson plans, and exam dates

Parents’ and guardians’ involvement in the learning process is crucial for the academic success of students. With the help of LMS in education, parents and guardians can have handy access to their child’s class schedule, lesson plans, and exam dates. In this way, they can discuss the class activities with their children and also remind them about homework or exams.

Diverse assessment options

LMS in education enables teachers to conduct assessments easily and quickly. Assessments can be conducted online in various formats like quizzes, multiple-choice questions or true and false questions, etc. Teachers can also include external references like a YouTube video and ask questions related to that topic. Students can upload their answers in multiple formats like video, image, or screencast.

Transparent feedback mechanism

LMS in education provides a transparent feedback system for teachers, students, and parents. Feedback for exams can be easily shared with students through the class page on the LMS software. Feedback can also be shared with parents on the parental portal and it can be stored on the platform so that the students can easily access it and improve on their performance.

Track student data

Data from the assessment and attendance records can be stored on the LMS platform. This data can be used by teachers to identify where the students lack and so they can provide extra support to them. Likewise, the students who are talented in specific subjects can also be highlighted.

Students become more organized

LMS in education makes students more organized as the important information regarding assessments like the due dates, task requirements, etc is automatically added to the students’ calendars. This helps the students to plan ahead of time and organise their studies better and also participate in extracurricular activities.

Transition to remote learning in a heartbeat

LMS in education enables learning to take place anywhere and anytime. Setting up a digital school helps provide continuity to students’ learning where schools need to transition to online learning with little warning.

Digitalisation has occurred in numerous sectors over the past years, but it is rather slow in education. Using digital tools in education has multiple benefits – from access to better teaching content and effective lesson planning to efficient classroom management. LMS in education helps schools to adapt to the ever-evolving demands in the education sector.

LEAD has been one of the pioneers in providing partner schools with an excellent and comprehensive learning experience through it’s advanced LMS sotfware. LEAD’s integrated LMS is the perfect marriage of curriculum, pedagogy, and technology that helps schools keep their costs down while focusing on their learners. Using technology integrated learning management system, LEAD can help you drive visible learning outcomes at your school.


About the author

Anuj Kumar Jha, a Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi) alumnus, is the Program Manager at LEAD. Previously, he has worked with Ex-Ola and Ex-Mu Sigma. Anuj has graduated from HBTI, Kanpur. Knowing the power of education, he believes in LEAD's mission to transform learning in Affordable Private Schools in India.

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