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How Education Management Information System (EMIS) Can Help Your School Operate Better

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When it comes to managing a school, it’s way harder than it looks. You need to manage the students, parents, infrastructure, teachers, fees, and whatnot.

And until the last few years, it was all done manually on paper or in excel sheets. However, advanced times demand advanced measures.

This is where EMIS or Education Management Information System comes into the picture. What is an EMIS, and how can it help you operate your school better?

Well, if you need answers to the above questions and want your school to grow, read along.

What is an Education Management Information System or EMIS?

An EMIS is a platform/tool that lets school owners store and manage information and data at once place.

When all data exists in one place, analysis, monitoring, managing, and decision making becomes easy. And this enhances the overall school management system.

An ideal EMIS will help you take care of Administrative and Academic operations such as:

  • Fee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Resource Management
  • Faculty and Parent Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Virtual Learning for Students

And more…

Earlier, only rich private schools were able to afford EMIS software. However, with the advent of high-speed internet and cloud storage, EMIS has become affordable.

Any school can transition from spreadsheets to a reliable EMIS tool whenever you like.

Let’s now understand how an EMIS benefits your school.

What are the benefits of an Education Management Information System?

1. Determine your School’s Growth
If the financial records and other data are mismanaged, you might have issues in determining profit or loss for your school.

Fortunately, the education management information system solves this problem. An EMIS offers all the financial data along with student turnover in one place.

You can easily determine whether your school is in profit or loss. Also, you can make the necessary changes to improve the present situation.

2. Enhanced Parent-Teacher Communication
The only time teachers can communicate with the parents is during parent-teacher meetings. And sharing every piece of info in one meeting is quite difficult.

However, with an EMIS, teachers can instantly notify parents of their child’s activities. So whether it’s an academic activity or something else, a single message can get the job done.

This enhances parent-teacher communication and keeps parents informed.

3. Super Easy Fee Collection
Fee collection is quite a big problem a school owner faces. The teachers have to remind the kids, who in turn have to remind their parents for fee payment.

But you can simplify it all with an EMIS. You can automate the fee management system and send automatic notifications to parents.

Parents can easily pay the fee using the online portal without having to visit the school. This will ensure a seamless fee collection for you.

4. Dedicated Student Information Dashboard
EMIS makes managing students easy not only for teachers but for parents too. With a dedicated student information dashboard, teachers and parents can access student data instantly. Such data can include:

  • Student Grades
  • Examination Details
  • Fee Details
  • Project Deadlines
  • Extra Classes Enrolled
  • Disciplinary Behavior

This way, both parents and teachers can stay updated all the time.

5. Easy Examination Management
Exams are the core activity of an academic institution. And managing exams can be quite hectic for teachers, parents, and students.

However, EMIS makes it easy. With an education management information system software, teachers can easily schedule online exams and publish results on the portal.

Parents can easily view the grades and leave feedback as they like.

This will help your teachers take their minds off the admin activities and focus more on learning and education.

6. Better Timetable Management & Class Planning
Students or teachers need not carry a physical timetable all the time. All the periods and exams can be uploaded on the portal all at once.

Both parents and teachers can access the timetables and prepare the kid accordingly.

Also, the teachers can easily plan their classes and course material well in advance. And, this will help the teachers deliver more value to the kids.

7. Resources for Teachers

An ideal education management information system will always offer resources for your teachers to learn and grow. Teachers, through their mobiles, can access the course material and become better.

If your faculty gain more knowledge and expertise, it’ll be useful for your school. After all, a more educated and knowledgeable faculty means better value and more returns.

By now you would know how beneficial an EMIS is for operating a school. But where can you find a reliable EMIS? Well, read along to find out.

With LEAD, get your hands on the best school edtech solutions

LEAD is one of India’s leading EdTech companies, helping school owners level up through a range of school edtech solutions.

We arm private schools with the right ERP system that packs rich features and facilities, enabling school administration to perform many different types of tasks from a single dashboard.

We also offer apps for teachers and students, ensuring they are always organized and ahead with the right resources. You can partner with LEAD and enjoy all the benefits an EMIS delivers, plus more.

Wrapping Up

An education management information system software can help you in numerous ways.

You can manage academic, administrative, and all other operations right from a single dashboard using EMIS software. Collectively, this ensures higher efficiency and cost optimization.

If you’re looking to modernize your infrastructure, do away with the manual processes, and discover newer growth opportunities for your school, a fitting education management information system can take you a long way.

3,000+ schools across India are benefitting from LEAD’s Education Management Information System.

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