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How to be part of the change that LEAD is ushering in for the EdTech sector

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As more people realise relying on the traditional classroom environment alone is unsustainable, the EdTech sector is seeing a boom in pandemic times. In this competitive landscape, LEAD provides the right environment where passion meets purpose. Here is how you can be a part of the EdTech revolution that LEAD is spearheading.

India’s EdTech sector has become a vibrant and ever-expanding space, especially in recent years. Currently, there are over 3,500 EdTech companies registered in the country, of which 435 companies commenced operations over the last two years. With easy access to high-quality content, increased internet penetration, and newer and more engaging forms of learning, the user base is expected to reach 9.6 million by the end of 2021.

The National Education Policy 2020 has highlighted the importance of EdTech, and given the sector much-needed momentum. However, despite government policies and efforts, there is a need for private players in this space to address the gaps. Given the multi-layered nature of the Indian education industry, there are opportunities for each player to find a niche and cater to a specific target market.

While many sectors have had to halt their recruitment efforts due to the effects of the pandemic, EdTech has become a critical necessity, and the space is witnessing a massive inflow of investments. Good times ahead for EdTech also translate into immense opportunities to work and grow in this booming industry.

Championing the need to disrupt education from within the school system, LEAD has carved a niche for itself as a unique B2B player in this highly competitive space. We are addressing the unique needs of the Affordable Private Schools (APS) segment in Tier 2, 3, 4 towns and beyond specifically, where more contextualised support is required. Instead of ad-hoc tools that act in silos in addressing classroom learning or help at-home learning, LEAD brings about a systemic change in the entire school system by integrating technology, best practices, and learning distilled from internationally successful pedagogical systems. What started as a single school in rural Gujarat, today provides a holistic system for over 2,000 institutions across the country. 

Working in the competitive EdTech landscape

As a B2B offering that has hit the right spot with all stakeholders, LEAD is at the cusp of growing into a large organisation. We operate with a very lofty goal: to provide equitable and affordable access to education in Bharat. For the transformation that we envisage, LEAD believes the key is innovation.

In this direction, LEAD pioneered an integrated approach that uses technology to bring together all stakeholders in the school education ecosystem. To harness the limitless possibilities of technology to create impact, there is a continuous need for a talented and motivated workforce to build a scalable organisation. 

Solving for an evolving sector like education requires individuals who can come with out-of-the-box thinking and nuanced solutions. Embracing the change requires adaptability and creativity.

Curiosity, innovation, a handle on fundamentals, and the ability to make swift decisions in response to changes are the four core values we look for to work at LEAD. We match those expectations by providing the right working environment that fosters creativity and encourages innovation.

Structured planning at LEAD helps define the goals and expectations for every employee so that there is no ambiguity. This enables us to set realistic targets, monitor progress, and optimise resource utilisation. Straddling the agile practices of a startup with the structured planning of a big organisation, this approach has set LEAD apart in the burgeoning Indian EdTech ecosystem.

We look for clever problem solvers. Adopting a rather flat organisational structure that nurtures open communication between and within teams facilitates faster problem-solving. 

LEAD’s work culture

The strength of the business is our extremely talented team. While we do believe in hard work and delivery, our focus is on employee intent over delivery. Empathy, employee welfare, and respect for our coworkers as not just resources but as human beings with personal and professional aspirations and challenges are the driving forces of our employee philosophy. At LEAD, we have set in place a culture of acknowledging every contribution, however small, and appreciating the impact made by every individual.

Another key value at LEAD is access to information and transparency. Right from the outreach stage for prospective candidates, we provide detailed insights into the organisation and the nature of work to pique their interest, understand the commitment it takes, and facilitate a smooth integration into the team.

We typically welcome candidates who are proactive and do their share of research into the world of EdTech and LEAD’s contributions. Prospective candidates are also encouraged to engage with the current team, which not only helps them understand the work but also gives them an idea of how LEAD will accelerate their career growth.

A reason LEAD’s employees are excited about the work they do is the impactful nature of their contributions to education in India combined with the palpable energy in the organisation. We ensure teams learn from each other’s experiences. The ‘Buddy Up’ system, for example, pairs up new recruits with employees to help them better assimilate and acclimate to the team.

Additionally, creating a partial working environment helps ease the new employee gradually into their role. They get to know their team better and gain a good grasp of the ongoing projects. Thus, they are exposed to the impact they will create and the expectations from their role early on in their journey with LEAD.

Further, LEAD fosters a culture of innovation that lets employees think of solutions beyond their daily delivery cycle. We believe this is important for any organisation to not just stay relevant but to set important precedents in an important mission-critical sector like ours. Among other efforts, our leadership position in this competitive landscape has been thanks to our centres of excellence within teams. Here, bright minds think and innovate for long-term problems. These efforts bring together the diverse experience of our senior management and fresh perspectives of recent employees to collectively come up with exciting solutions.

Leadership built on empathy

We may be solving crucial education gaps using cutting-edge technology solutions, but we are acutely aware of operating in a human environment. The leadership at LEAD constantly reminds managers and teams of the value of empathy. Empathy guides the entire organizational culture and makes the leaders better communicators.

Every contribution matters and every employee’s success is valued as our own. This philosophy is practised in tangible ways within the organisation, leading our employees to strike the right balance between innovation and outcome. We have been able to consciously offer a unique blend of the excitement and agile nature of a startup and the structure and process of a large organisation, enabling every employee to achieve their full potential.

LEAD is bringing together people who have a compelling desire to transform the education landscape in the country. We invite talented individuals who want to make a difference in a high-impact sector while working in an environment that values them as individuals with unique needs and fosters their career aspirations.

If you want to grow in your career, in us at LEAD to have a lasting transformational effect on education in the country:  Visit our Careers Page

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How to be part of the change that LEAD is ushering in for the EdTech sector

As more people realise relying on the traditional classroom environment alone is unsustainable, the EdTech sector is seeing a boom in pandemic times. In this competitive landscape, LEAD provides the r

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