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How to choose the right Math App for your kids in 2021

Mathematics has been a sore point for the majority of students. Nowadays, we have a plethora of math learning apps available. You can rightfully ask “Why is a math app required? Are books not sufficient?” Sure books provide students with the necessary material but as books lack an interactive feel, students are unable to grasp the information just by reading through them.

Most schools use conventional methods to teach math. Most times, this leads to low student interest and in extreme cases, math phobia. It is exactly in these cases where math learning apps can help students overcome these difficulties. These apps make learning fun and easy for your child. Some of these apps can also help your child move to more advanced level concepts early on.

So what are the features to look for in a math app for your kid? While most apps offer some form of game-based learning, one of the key features to look out for is adaptive learning, i.e. it should adapt the material presented to the current level of your kid. It should also be curriculum-based, i.e. its should cater to your child’s school board material, your child’s specific needs, etc. Keeping these parameters in mind, here are some recommendations for the top learning apps that can help your kid learn math.

1. Khan Academy Kids


Khan Academy has been one of the top learning apps. It has one of the biggest libraries of free online courses for K-12. Khan Academy Kids is an app dedicated to kids. This app has thousands of educational activities, songs, and games. These cater to kids at all levels, from toddlers to preschoolers to kindergartners, and to first graders. The app promotes a personalized learning experience where each child learns at their own pace.

Khan Academy has some amazing features specially designed for young kids such as:

  • Special attention to developing skills such as counting, basic numerical operations, such as addition, subtraction, shape recognition measurement
  • Extremely simple songs that teach kids basic math through music and animation
  • Engaging characters such as the guide kids through activities

2. Prodigy

Prodigy is an app that offers an engaging math learning experience for young kids. In addition, Prodigy offers tools for parents as well as teachers. These tools allow parents and teachers to customize the game and track how the kid is faring with these games. In addition, kids can create custom characters and learn math with fun activities like rescuing pets and battling bosses. If your kid needs additional support, a remote tutoring option is also available on Prodigy.

3. SplashLearn

SplashLearn is an extremely popular math app that aims at motivating kids to learn math with interactive games and enticing rewards. Your kid earns a coin for each correct answer which can be redeemed for virtual pets. One of the best things about the Splash math app is that it is designed for K-5. This ensures that your kid can keep using Splash as they move through elementary school.

Splash has 350+ mathematical skills that cover addition, subtraction, geometry, etc. With the Parent Connect app, you can monitor your kid’s activity. The app dashboard provides detailed progress reports which can be emailed weekly to your inbox.

All the above-mentioned learning apps are good supplementary material for children who struggle with Maths. We at LEAD, strive to make maths fun and easy to understand through the school curriculum itself. For the same, we use the progressive ‘Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract’ method, where children from an early age use concrete blocks and objects to understand and practice maths. This strategy has vastly impacted the way students approach sums in our 3000+ partner schools.

By enrolling your child in a LEAD Powered School, your child will find Maths to be fun and easy. Know More

About the author

Mohini is a Product Manager at LEAD School. She is an IIT Bombay alumnus. Her love of solving problems drives her as a product manager. Her varied experience of products across industries allows her to have multiple outlooks on every problem. She is a strong believer of the butterfly effect, and hence keeps making small efforts for the big changes and is excited to be a part of LEAD School.

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