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Online learning classes can make geography easy to understand

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Teaching geography is a complex subject, even in the classroom setting. We say this because the concepts are tough to explain, and more often, students can’t visualize the concepts because of their sheer expanse.

Online learning has the advantage that teachers can easily share e-materials with students during or after the class.

Let’s understand how teachers can make geography easy to understand in online learning classes:

1. Using audio-visual content

In today’s digital age, there are many available resources available on the internet that are both free and paid. You can access online resources like YouTube videos, blogs, or even a resource library of popular education platforms like National Geographic Society. You can learn about specific topics in depth from a wide range of subjects like Anthropology, Sociology, Social Studies, Civics, and Economics related to Geography.

Furthermore, LEAD has simplified this for its teachers using its online learning app. Teachers at LEAD Powered Schools get all the tools and resources they need to teach students most effectively. This includes a fully-loaded tab that packs 100 percent ready-made teaching materials, right from worksheets to lesson plans.

2. Enabling more practice

Geography needs a lot of practice. From being able to locate cities on physical maps to remembering crops grown in certain regions, plain memorization doesn’t help a lot. Only practice can help. For example, you can ask your students to use online games like GeoGuessr, which they can play alone or with their friends. It’s a geography game in which you are dropped somewhere in the world in a street view panorama, and your mission is to find clues and guess your location on the world map.

You can also join interactive classrooms on the National Geographic Society platform to hear behind-the-scenes stories and interact with these cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and powerful storytellers from around the globe.

Furthermore, LEAD offers teachers an extensive library of interactive video content along with puzzles and exercises in its online learning app. Using the dedicated Teacher Tab and smart TV, teachers can engage the students more effectively.

3. Doing DIY projects

Complex geography concepts like ‘earth’s structure’ or ‘types of forests’ are difficult to understand or even remember for exams. Doing DIY projects can help in this situation. During the time of online learning, you may find it difficult to help do projects. In such situations, you can share videos of some DIY projects, ask them to look at the videos for reference, and then create projects. Once they complete the project, you can ask them to demonstrate it in front of their parents and get a video recording of the same. Not only will you be able to see what they did, but they will also feel motivated to look at their own performance. At LEAD, we enable this by conducting the Student Led Conferences in all our partner schools. Each student has to choose a topic of their choice, perform an experiment and record themselves while doing so. Students need to submit these videos to their school and the school in turn submits these videos for evaluation by LEAD. The best entries get exciting rewards.

For example, watch how this student at a LEAD Powered School is demonstrating the concept of volcanoes using a simply DIY project:

At LEAD Powered Schools we make teaching Social Science easy by providing all the necessary resources to our teachers on its online learning app. Teachers can see all the materials and lesson plans on the app that helps teach seamlessly and not worry about the rest. We want to make sure that complex subjects like Geography are made exciting and fun to learn for students across India.

LEAD’s Social Science curriculum follows the ‘VLC’ approach where ‘V’ stands for Visualise, ‘L’ stands for Locate and ‘C’ stands for Connect. The use of maps, powerful images, and project work helps to locate and see different concepts come alive. The lessons are made interesting by using relevant examples and getting students to connect to life, current events, and past to present.

At LEAD Powered Schools, teachers get the best solutions to deliver quality education and get professional training. Find out why 25,000+ teachers love LEAD Tell me more

About the author

Anuj Kumar Jha, a Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi) alumnus, is the Program Manager at LEAD. Previously, he has worked with Ex-Ola and Ex-Mu Sigma. Anuj has graduated from HBTI, Kanpur. Knowing the power of education, he believes in LEAD's mission to transform learning in Affordable Private Schools in India.

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