Online school apps facilitate teacher-parent-student engagement

The main advantage of having a conventional school education is that it enables a holistic and peer learning environment, one where multiple stakeholders like the teachers, students, parents, and school management can together drive the student learning outcomes.

Parents get to know what their children are learning, and students get a clear path for learning and moving ahead in their academic life. However, this system was shattered due to the pandemic, which left all the parents confused and worried about their children’s future.

This is where the integrated digital class apps came to the rescue. Interaction, which is the most important aspect of learning, was taken care of by these apps, which helped schools continue to run seamlessly.

To simplify online learning LEAD has conceptualized separate apps for every school stakeholder. The school owner app can help the owners run the school with just a few clicks; the student app allows students to access all the learning resources, attend live classes, submit assignments, and do other regular school activities. The parent section in the student app helps every parent participate in their ward’s academic life. The teacher app facilitates online teaching and also provides the teachers with the right tools and resources to ensure excellent student learning outcomes.

Let’s learn more about online school apps and how they facilitate online learning:

School App

During the lockdown, all the administrative tasks managed by the school owners became more tedious because of the lack of a physical environment. While online learning through digital class apps saved the sector from complete learning loss, online school management software helped schools to perform administrative tasks efficiently.

LEAD’s School Owner App assists school owners in all the administrative activities while transforming their school into a Fully Tech-Enabled School. It consists of exclusive features such as detailed reports on student and teacher performance, dedicated CRM for managing school admissions, facility of sending daily announcements, etc.

Student App

Online learning was considered supplementary until people realised it was here to stay. Though parents and schools were skeptical about it in the beginning, people started realizing its various benefits. Most importantly, it made learning more accessible from anywhere and anytime. A lot of schools however did not have integrated digital class apps. They used different software for different purposes. Most widely used online meeting apps like Zoom or Google Meet only served the purpose of video-meeting. Teachers and students found it very cumbersome to bring it all together. Schools that used integrated platforms like LEAD did not face a lot of hassle as apart from being a digital class app, it also served all other school functions.

The LEAD Student App has been carefully designed to ensure that learning happens seamlessly, even online. It is created as a one-stop learning tool for children of all ages. Students can easily access live and recorded classes, submit assessments, and clarify doubts in just a few clicks. The app has been designed in a child-friendly way, and all features are easily discoverable.

LEAD’s Student App also functions as a Parent-Teacher App. This is because the dedicated parent’s section helps parents easily monitor their child’s attendance, check report cards, and receive meaningful feedback and notifications. Parents play an essential role in a child’s education, and we wish to involve them in every way possible. Thus we ensure that all the new events, competitions, and school notices are shared on the app.

Teacher App

Digital class apps made online learning convenient by making relevant resources accessible to all. However, assessments are the most crucial part of learning. At LEAD, teachers have been able to conduct objective and subjective assessments for students using the app itself. Completing and submitting evaluation assignments has become a lot easier for students using the LEAD Student App. Teachers also find it easy to keep track of submissions and save time in checking the assignments or homework.

Another important aspect is the resolving of doubts in an online learning setting. It was easy for students to approach their teacher to ask doubts in a traditional classroom. However, this interaction isn’t very comfortable for most kids in the online learning environment. LEAD Student app has the ‘Ask Doubts’ feature that helps teachers and students interact easily and resolve all pressing queries.

To conclude, online learning solved many challenges. From enabling better school management to rendering world-class learning to students, LEAD is making a massive impact in the school edtech sector in India using its advanced technology solutions.

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About the author

Prajakta is an Assistant Manager in the Content Marketing team at LEAD. She is an IIT Kanpur alumnus and comes with extensive experience in the ed-tech industry. She believes education is the premise of progress, for an individual, for a family, and for society.

Prajakta Sakpal

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