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10 Activities for 1st Grade Kids (for Fun and Growth)

Thinking of ways to entertain yet enhance your 1st grader’s overall development? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

We have shared some fun activities for grade 1 students in this blog.

Each activity for class 1 kids in this blog is safe and ensures value addition. So, you rely on them.

1. Growing Jack-o’-Lantern


This activity for class 1 kids is quite new.

The kids will learn how mixing two household items can lead to a chemical reaction here. And this chemical reaction will further help them create growing Jack-o’-Lanterns (or balloons).

Although this activity is for the 1st graders, you’ll enjoy this too.

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2. Design a planet


Imagination is crucial when it comes to creativity. And this activity for class 1 kids ensures the same.

Here, your kid will imagine a new planet in the solar system. It could be of any shape, size, and color. Just let the creative juices of your kid flow.

You can also tell your kid about the existing planets. And then, you can ask them to create a model of the planet of your choice.

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3. A Glowing Bouncy Egg


This activity for class 1 kids is more of a science experiment.

You need to soak an egg in vinegar for a few days and allow your kid to observe. After a few days, your kid will discover that the egg has been transformed into a bouncy, glowing ball. Sounds interesting, right?

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4. A Gratitude Tree


According to research, practicing gratitude wires our brain to focus on the positive. And this activity for class 1 is based on the same thing.

In this activity, you need to take your kid on a walk into the woods. Help them find a branch with multiple limbs and bring that home.

Ask your kid to decorate the branch with colored leaves. And before sticking the colored leaves, help your kid write a gratitude message one each one.

It could be anything from “Thank You God for Giving us Food” or “Thank You for Keeping us Safe.” Once done, place the branch in a vase or jar.

This activity for class 1 kids helps develop writing habits, practice mindfulness, and gratitude.

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5. Creating Cup Tower


Creating cup towers is one of the most enjoyable 1st-grade learning activities. All you need is one, maybe two packs of paper cups. And your kid needs to create the highest possible tower using the available cups.

This activity aims to develop strategic thinking by maximizing the tower height without letting the cups fall.

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6. Things I Like About Me


This is one of the most interesting English activities for grade 1 kids. After all, it’s all about what they like about themselves.

Ask your kid to create a poster and add their talents, what they like, and the words or images that describe them the best.

This activity can help develop self-love, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

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7. Letters of the Alphabet


This activity for class 1 kids can help kids learn about English alphabets.

You just have to purchase some pipe cleaners or straws. Make sure to buy enough to create each alphabet of English.

Now, you need to ask your kids to start creating every alphabet of English. If they get stuck somewhere, you can help them.

If you have straws, purchase a tape roll to retain the folds. Or else you can use foil paper and twist it into pipes.

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8. Peace Rocks


Even the lives of first graders can be chaotic at times. And making some peace rocks can ease their day.

You need some small egg-shaped rocks, some paint and that’s it. Ask your kid to use their creativity and write peace on the rock.

The motive here is to develop the kid’s artistic side while helping them learn the meaning of peace.

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9. Making a Catapult


Catapult is a device that’s used to propel things at a distance without using fuel/gunpowder.

And in this activity for class 1 kids, your kid will learn to create a miniature version of a catapult. This activity also helps kids learn how to use simple things creatively.

You’ll need some rubber brands, ice-cream sticks, a spoon, and a small toy. For the instructions, you can check out this link.

Although you can follow the instructions, it’s better to try yourself. This will help boost creativity and imagination.

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10. Mindful Eating 


We all eat food several times a day. But how many times do we think about where the food came from? Or how many times do we enjoy our food? Zero times, in most cases. And this is not good.

However, you can teach your kid mindful eating and prevent the above with this activity. Tell them the source of the food, ask them to eat slowly, and thank God for the food they eat.

This simple exercise can significantly improve your kid’s emotional and social dealing.

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Wrapping Up

Learning mustn’t stop whether it’s the weekend, winter break, or lockdown, learning mustn’t stop. And this is true for everyone, including first graders.

However, this never means the learning experience has to be boring. By using some fun activities, you can help your kid learn, enjoy, and develop simultaneously.

All of the activities mentioned above are the right fit to get started with.

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