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11 Untold Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

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Teachers help students learn stuff and guide them to the right path. But that’s not where the roles and responsibilities of a teacher end. There’s a lot more to it.

Do you want to know the roles and responsibilities of a teacher? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different roles of teachers and the responsibilities that come along. And by the end, you’ll be able to enhance the quality of education you deliver to the students.

1. Mentor

During the formative years of students, teachers play the role of a mentor.

Young kids keenly observe their teacher’s behavior and mimic the same. Also, the students take the teacher’s advice seriously. It’s because they respect their teacher.

Responsibility for the role: As a mentor, it’s the teacher’s responsibility always to portray positive actions. It’s because the students will copy no regardless of the nature of the action.

2. Mediator

As a teacher, you’ll often find yourself playing the role of a mediator.

Students might want you to relay info to and from the parents. Or you may have to resolve conflicts among students while considering every kid’s point.

All in all, students respect their teacher and expect seamless communication and an unbiased opinion.

Responsibility for the role: Always make sure to remain unbiased while resolving conflicts.

3. Resource House

Students anticipate their teacher to know everything. They think of you as their resource house who’ll guide them through the darkness.

Responsibility for the role: While playing the role of a resource house, you need to:

  • Either answer all your students’ questions;
  • Or help them find an answer

This will portray you as more knowledgeable and resourceful.

4. Morale Booster and Motivator 

Teachers play a crucial role in boosting the morale of their students. It’s because students see their teacher as a respectable and authoritative figure.

A single compliment or consolation could go a long way in boosting the morale of the students.

Responsibility for the role: A kid can become demotivated after a quarrel with parents or a fight with a friend, or maybe because of poor grades. Make sure to console, inspire and motivate them with positive words.

5. Demonstrator 

Teaching is ¼ preparation and ¾ theater. If you’re an excellent demonstrator, you’ll be able to impart a better learning experience for students.

Responsibility for the role: As a demonstrator, you need to run the extra mile to ensure a meaningful learning experience for kids.

6. Continuous Learner 

As a teacher, you need to evolve daily by learning new things. Only then you’ll be able to impart the latest knowledge using the best methods to the students.

Responsibility for the role: You need to embrace the changes and new technology instead of running away from them. It will improve your value as a teacher. Also, you’ll be able to play the role of teacher for enhancing quality in education.

7. A Good Listener

Most of the time, teachers don’t let the students complete. Instead, they shun the students in the middle of the argument. And this is something you should avoid.

You should always try to be a good listener. It may be challenging, as the students tend to elongate their answers, but it’s essential.

Responsibility for the role: As a good listener, you should always let the student complete what they say. This way, the students will feel heard. And you’ll be able to gain their trust.

8. Participant 

Some students don’t participate in classroom fun activities because they’re too shy. However, this hampers their growth and ability to learn.

In this case, you need to play the role of a participant. When you participate, it’ll motivate other kids to participate too. And thus, the purpose will be served.

Responsibility for the role: As a participant, motivate the students and ensure a fair game.

9. Guide & Counselor 

The role of the teacher in guidance and counselling is a crucial one.

Students take the suggestions or comments of their peers seriously regardless of the nature of those comments. And if the comments are negative, they can negatively impact the students’ lives.

So, in this case, the teacher must act as a counselor and offer the necessary help. You can go through basic training and learn ways to understand how a kid’s mind works.

Students take you as their mentor, as said earlier. And when they go astray, they need you to guide them and bring them back to the right path.

Responsibility for the role: Kids won’t come up to you in most cases when they need counselling or guidance. So, you should identify uncommon behavior and offer help voluntarily.

10. Creative Thinker

Several times, teachers limit education to books. However, this can limit the students’ thinking and imagination. And this will result in low or no creativity.

Fortunately, you can take up the role of a creative thinker and stop this from happening.

Instead of following the traditional approach, you can think out of the box. This will motivate the students to think creatively too. Also, you can make them feel free to share ideas.

Responsibility for the role: Never put a bar on a kid’s thinking or imagination. Who knows, there might be a Newton sitting in your class?

11. Organizer or Planner

Every teacher plans and organizes the course material, schedule, cross-curricular coordination to ensure better learning for kids.

Responsibility for the role: A teacher who plans and organizes everything is always respected by the students. So, make sure to plan everything before you take up a class.

Wrapping Up

A teacher plays more roles than just managing a classroom or delivering lessons. And this is necessary to meet the needs of every student who’s built differently.

Changing roles according to the situations is what makes a teacher more impactful. So, continually evaluate the situation and play your part accordingly. Also, make sure to understand the responsibility that comes with the role.

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