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Child Development at School: Does Infrastructure Matter?

What pops into your mind when you imagine sending your kid (s) to a school? An eye-catching building, decorated with resources and superior facilities, right? Well, sorry to burst the bubble. While every school does have a teacher to teach, having an impeccable education infrastructure is still a miss in various schools.

Schools are the second home for kids, where they spend about 6-8 hours studying, playing, and laughing. So, of course, you would want your wards’ second home as special as your own homes. In fact, empirical shreds of evidence assert that school conditions play a crucial role in shaping a kid’s perception of the world as they grow up.

Poor Infrastructure Hampers Learning Capabilities

Many parents look for schools having good academics and are nearby their homes. But in doing so, they ignore the schools’ infrastructure as a key element of better learning. Moreover, the downsides of ill-developed school infrastructure are more than you can imagine.

Various researchers and psychologists have proved that students surrounded by poor infrastructure can score less than those with access to better facilities. Besides, stressful and overcrowded environments also negatively impact students’ understanding levels.

Sending kids to schools where the building looks depressed, and the play areas have been abandoned can never be a great idea. Will you feel safe sending your children to such a place? Well, even your kids will not feel good in an environment that lacks physical convenience and other basic amenities.

Read along to understand the importance of schools’ infrastructure on the overall development of students.

Location of School Campus

Imagine your children learning new science topics in a school located near a construction site. It will be hard for your children to study with focus in such an atmosphere. Therefore, a school premise’s location matters a lot as temperature and noise levels affect students’ learning capabilities.

Spacious Classrooms

As mentioned, classrooms are where students spend most of their waking (productive) hours. Spacious classrooms encourage interaction among students. Comfortable benches to sit on, with accurate space between students and teachers, is a must. Do not expect a quality learning session from an overcrowded class. Students cannot focus unless they sit in a well-lit and well-ventilated space. Besides, holistic growth requires a positive ambiance to concentrate. Imperfect interiors (E.g., blackboard and walls) ruin your kids’ mood to study and score better.

Well-equipped Libraries

A library provides exposure beyond notebooks and textbooks. Using loads of valuable books or informative video facilities not only entices students but also creates a liking to learn. Plus, a room whose walls are decorated with motivating or mood-boosting posters will be icing on the cake.

Such a well-equipped library encourages students to explore exciting stuff, understand their textbook concepts better, and develop a healthy habit of book reading. This is particularly beneficial in their formative years when the curiosity to learn something is profound. Also, your children can interact with fellow classmates and exchange thoughts.

Talent Development Facilities

Schools are not only meant for learning but also for having some fun and becoming livelier. Children are active and growing individuals. They want to learn something at school itself to improve mentally and physically, be it music, martial arts, cricket, or swimming. These co-curricular activities help students foster team-building activities and build non-academic talents – which deserve equal attention.

Hence, sports facilities like cricket pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, and music rooms are a must-have in today’s education infrastructure.

Science Labs

In the current era of innovation, scientific literacy and temperament is a much-needed skill required in children. As such, well-armed and fit-for-purpose labs and research centers, either for biology, physics, or chemistry, are critical for students to learn through experiments. These centers provide essential academic knowledge while proving to be a fun and engaging activity for your children.

Do Not Rush for Admission and Compromise your Kids’ Formative Years

Not only are schools told to be great because of their teaching, but the school infrastructure speaks volumes as well. Properly laid-out groundwork is an absolutely critical factor in improving students’ interest in learning. Moreover, children look forward to coming to the schools every day.

Parents tell their kids about the importance of education that they should study and contribute to themselves as well as their nations. But they send them to schools that are so rundown, reflecting a different message.

As such, enrolling your children into schools that flaunt best-in-class education infrastructure and creative learning techniques is certainly a no-brainer.

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About the author

Mohini is a Product Manager at LEAD School. She is an IIT Bombay alumnus. Her love of solving problems drives her as a product manager. Her varied experience of products across industries allows her to have multiple outlooks on every problem. She is a strong believer of the butterfly effect, and hence keeps making small efforts for the big changes and is excited to be a part of LEAD School.

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