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How student management system helps with online classes?

student management system

It is said that major world events often make a way for discoveries and innovations. This time, a pandemic altered how the education sector across the globe functioned for years. As schools shifted online owing to the ongoing crisis, teachers embraced various digital platforms for undisrupted learning.

Ever since the pandemic broke, nothing has been the same. Globally, more than 1.2 billion children got out of their comfortable conventional class rooms making way for the new wave in education- online learning. A dramatic upheaval in the education sector, virtual classes initially were thought to be an interim relief but in the absence of a reliable vaccine, online/virtual learning will stay longer than expected.

Having said that, shifting classes online has been a nightmare for schools not just in India but globally. Before the lockdown, executing multiple tasks related to students, teachers and, management was easy where attendance was a shout away, managing assignments took a couple of sheets, and conducting exams just needed an invigilator. But ever since social-distancing became a routine and physical proximity a luxury, managing nuanced tasks concerning students became exhausting and complex.

Reinforcing positive behavior and communication between educators, students, parents, and administrators also got difficult!

As global education made an online shift, it brought a lot of errors and uncertainty for everyone with it. Transforming school systems with high technology-enabled automation tools that fully supports the academic and administrative processes remained the only way out for schools. The demand to improve operational efficiency; to succeed in everyday tasks of schools and to modernise the education system with cloud, mobile, and digital technologies soared.

Student management systems have been addressing challenges posed by schools long before this pandemic broke loose. These management systems efficiently manage the minutest detail of every student in a highly organised way. From students’ enrolment to dealing with day-to-day inquiries, tracking their progress, sending reminders, and notifications, the student management system did revolutionalise the education space. It has been beneficial in channelising the faculty’s workload and staying focussed on students learning and work towards continuous improvement.

How are student management systems streamlining the process?

In such harrowing times, technology, in the garb of a saviour is rescuing a lot of businesses globally. With a promise to deliver smooth and hassle-free features, the student management system has narrowed down the basic problems that students face daily. With the student management system, everything is organised in a format that happens to be simple and accessible to all.

  1. Better performance by students

The presence of a school management system in the school helps students perform to their fullest potential. Since everything gets streamlined, they do not get distracted by any other management task. Also, the user interface of SMS is intuitive and easy to comprehend even for less tech-oriented teachers and families, which eventually saves time.

  1. Simplifying Tasks

With all the necessary information on a single screen, which helps the user get the best possible view, the student management system works in a user-friendly way where all the important work is highlighted. Whatever needs to be prioritised can be easily selected such as, to-do tasks, upcoming events, etc.

  1. Pay fee online

With the help of various online payment solutions, parents, and students both can pay their fees online. Since everything is fed on the system, there is no burden on teachers for collecting the fee and students can keep a record of previous payments. Students and teachers both are notified and get a receipt of the fee payment via a message or an email.

  1. Hassle-free communication

If the entire school community is effectively connected through a single platform, a school thrives. With a few clicks, staying connected with the entire school community has never been so easy. Whether it’s students reaching out to teachers, or parents to teachers or principals to teachers, everything is just a click away. Better communication keeps things transparent even when distance prevails.

  1. Managing timetables

Post lockdown, a lot of schools experienced chaos and confusion due to poor scheduling and uneven faculty allotment. The student management system helps to align a proper schedule and students get access to their timetable seamlessly. This way they get timely information about their timetable and can plan their schedule better.

How is LEAD School streamlining some complex tasks for schools?

Student Management System helping with Online Classes online classes, if conducted properly and via appropriate and reliable medium can be effective and successful. The Research Institute of America has also found out that eLearning increases retention rate from 25% to 60% in comparison to face-to-face training which remains extremely low- 8% to 10%. But this remains achievable only when basic tasks of managing a school are not suffering.

LEAD School which is one of the leading online integrated management solutions, aims to bridge the gap that prevails during remote learning for students and leave them with their sole task- TO STUDY!

LEAD School provides  Engaging & Effective Lesson Plans; Teaching Resources; On-demand Training; Assessments with analysis; Remedial planning; Student Progress Reports; Reports for PTMs and Constant Feedback to parents.

With every aspect devised carefully, this online integrated management solution backs not just what a parent or teacher wants but is also a blessing for school owners and principals who are usually kept at bay regarding students’ performance.

LEAD School is becoming the talk of the town with its comprehensive curriculum for every subject, extra-curricular activities, performing and visual art, yoga; personalized attention; easy to use interface, and engaged parents with the help of student/parent app integration for at-home learning.

Online Learning sure is going to be a difficult transition for everyone but with the presence of online management solutions such as LEAD School, one can brave the challenges of remote learning.

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About the author

Manasa is a Branding and Communication Manager at LEAD. She is an Asian College of Journalism alumnus and a former Teach for India Fellow. Manasa has also completed her MBA in marketing from Deakin University. She strongly believes that education has the power to shake the world and is excited to be a part of LEAD’s transformational journey.

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How student management system helps with online classes?

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