LEADers Make Us Proud With 10th Board Results. Here’s How They Achieved It

In every student’s life, class 10 results define the course of their future. With an abundance of learning apps and material in the market, the students often feel overwhelmed and don’t always know the right path to follow. For what is one of the most important exams of their lives, they need proper guidance and a holistic approach that guarantees success.

Our internationally benchmarked curriculum, smart classes (online & classroom) have brought forth amazing results! The results of 10th Board Term 1 are out, and LEAD students have been topping the charts!

  • 135 students scored 100% in English while our average English score is 80%
  • 297 students scored over 85%
  • 54 students scored over 95%

Let’s take a look at how LEAD’s Achiever Program prepares students for not just class 10 exams but for their future academic and career success.

Our Curriculum Management System curated by experts focuses on these key points:

Courses That Bridge The Learning Gap: LEAD has introduced Bridge Courses to help students address these learning gaps caused due to the COVID-19 extended lockdown. This Bridge Course ensures that students obtain the prerequisite knowledge and skills required to achieve the learning outcomes of their current grade.
For a student moving from Grade 9 to 10, the Bridge Course aims to cover all the important concepts from Grade 9 that are vital for him/ her to pick up concepts in Grade 10 and excel in the board exams in the coming year.

Study Material Designed By Top CBSE Teachers: Subject Matter Experts and Top Teachers together have prepared the study material that helps the students to cover all topics in each subject. The student journey is thus well-defined so they don’t waste their time on unnecessary resources that don’t provide any help. With carefully designed study material, the students are able to access the bank of information both online and offline. The same helps them prepare thoroughly for board exams.

Regular Practice Tests & Mock Exams: To master any skill, practice is very important. With practice tests and mock exams, the students are prepared for their 10th board. With a remediation plan and counseling, they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. And thus they get time and chances to be well prepared for their exam day. This regular practice is one of the driving factors of their success. With over 10,000 Higher Thinking Skill Questions, 1000+ Case studies, and two-term practice with Multiple Choice Questions, the students are all set for the day of board exams.

Board Exam Counseling: Board exams can be very stressful for both the students and parents. A lot of them show behavior issues and have their own coping mechanisms. Some show a lot of anxiety while others resort to aggression. Some students get depressed while others lose complete interest in academics. To address these problems, the experts offer Board Exam Counselling. It not only helps the students prepare mentally but also helps them clear doubts related to academics by referring them to the right sources.

Webinars For Students & Teachers: Regular webinars on varied topics related to life skills and academics help both students and teachers prepare well. These webinars have proven to be very beneficial by offering insights and lessons from industry experts. These webinars are also a fun and interactive way for the students to gain more knowledge and perspective.

MultiModal Learning: Multimodal learning is teaching a concept through visual, auditory, reading, writing, and kinaesthetic methods. Through the digitization of education, students are able to learn in many different ways. These ways have proven to be highly successful as the engaging methods and interactive user interface helps them learn concepts easily.

Subject-specific Guidance With LaunchPad: At the beginning of the academic year, the students spend 3 days per subject and are given bespoke guidance to navigate through the entire year. They are also given guidance to manage their time and stress. With subject-wise expert guidance, they are prepared at the beginning of the year so they don’t have to hurry or hassle last minute.

A 21st-century student needs modern means of education to succeed in this age of technology. At LEAD, we believe that learning should be fun and should help in the overall development of the student. We are delighted to see these amazing results of class 10th board term 1 and we hope that in the coming years, we will see more such LEADers making their way to the top.

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About the author

Bhumika Bijani is an Assistant Manager in the Marketing team at LEAD. She holds a Master’s degree in English and has extensive experience in Content Writing. She strongly supports the digitization in the education system of India and is passionate about bringing reformation to Indian schools.

Bhumika Bijani

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