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School ERP: 16 Must-Have Features To Look For


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The last couple of years has seen a drastic change in educational institutions’ operations. When students turned to online learning, schools turned to online management systems. They embraced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to keep up with their processes in the most efficient way.

It allowed them to ditch the physical academic and financial records piles and automate their data sorting in the most modern and easy way. And why not? Educational institutions have to keep maximizing their performance year after year.

A centralized system like academic ERP helps them manage their resources and processes to make their business more profitable with each passing year. A cloud-based school, which was once a dream, is now a reality, thanks to the cutting-edge ERP systems available in India.

Are you also looking to get an ERP system for your school but not sure what all school management software features it must have? Here is a list of features to look for if you want a highly effective school management system.

Record Management

Schools have a large amount of data in student records, lesson plans, etc., that need to be filed and recorded in the most efficient way possible. A functional ERP system should automate this process to minimize manual intervention to avoid data-entry errors.

It should also allow the user to successfully transfer student and employee information into and out of the system. While importing and exporting data, it should check for duplicate content or lost data.

Billing and Invoicing

Fee processing is an important task that school administrators do regularly. It usually requires a lot of manual work that can take hours. A robust school ERP system should give a clear overview of fee generation and due payments in one place.

Not only that, but it should also be able to send out professional-looking invoices. It should also allow parents to make easy online payments through embedded secure payment gateways.

Inventory Tracking

School assets usually include books, computers, projectors, and furniture items, to mention a few. A school ERP should track the inventory to allocate these assets properly. This feature is also useful for tracking when maintenance might be required and receiving alerts in case of stock-outs.

Task Scheduling

Schools cannot run efficiently without multiple well-defined schedules in place. But creating these timetables usually takes a lot out of the faculty and administration. So a school ERP should help them schedule study-related tasks and extracurricular activities. The software should also be capable of keeping track of assigning teachers and class locations to students on custom or recurring school days.

Additionally, using the ERP system, the school should get the ability to create its yearly academic calendar and easily send it to the students’ parents. This feature will help keep them updated about the assignments, exam schedules, social events, parent-teacher meetings, etc.

Student Information

Next-generation ERP software can provide an integrated student portal to access important information. This portal can include exam results, worksheets, fees payment, assignments, supplemental material, and other announcements.

Students should also have permission to view a particular teacher’s class schedule and access their study material after the class. This feature will help students stay on track even if they miss a day or two of school.

Ease Of Use

A great ERP system will be useless if the end-users such as students, teachers, and school admins have trouble figuring it out. The system shouldn’t be full of clutter and complexity. So make sure the ERP you choose is easy to install and easier to navigate. The more intuitive the user interface, the better operational efficiency the school will achieve.


The school shouldn’t have to get a new ERP system every year because the existing one cannot handle the increase in school data. Doing so can be expensive and counterproductive to why you got the software in the first place. So, it would be best if you looked for an ERP that can support your school’s requirements by providing constant scalable upgrades every subsequent year.

LEAD School Owner

Remote Access

For schools with multiple branches in different locations, their management system must be centralized and remotely accessible. Remote access also means that the teachers and the students should also have access to relevant information from their internet-enabled devices regardless of where they are.

Security And Data Backup

All the student and teacher information parked in school databases is confidential. The school management system that will store all that information should provide extensive data security. The data should also be backed up regularly to make it easily recoverable in case of an unwanted intrusion or theft.

Parent Portal

Parents might not be present with their kids at the school, but they are an essential part of the school ecosystem. The right ERP system should have a parent platform to stay connected with their children’s academic progress and day-to-day conduct.

The portal should also connect the parents to their children’s teachers and school admins. This feature provides a sense of assurance to the parents, and they are more likely to become an active part of their child’s education.

Mobile Application Accessibility

We’re in a century where everybody has a smartphone on them, and they’re more active on it than they are on their desktops or laptops. A new age ERP software should have a responsive mobile application that is easy to download and provides real-time notifications.

The app users should be able to access the course content or the exam results or attendance reports from the touch of their fingertips. They should also get the ability to download their coursework files and e-books in readable formats.

Library Management

The library is one corner of the school, with tons of data easily accessible to teachers and students. An efficient ERP system should provide access to a library management module with features such as search, issue, and return physical books and e-books. It should also support bar code scanning of books and access to the daily issue register to automate the more time-consuming tasks at the library.

Transport Management

Not having your transportation information sorted can create a lot of confusion. When looking for an ERP system, make sure you check if it has a school transportation management feature. It should keep track of each student’s route, bus and driver information, and pick-up and drop-off timings. It should also be able to keep the parents updated about the safety of their children when they are en route.

Communication Facilities

A school cannot run without an accomplished communication system between the parents, the students, the teachers, and the school administration. A school management system should facilitate communication between these parties through various modes such as texting, voice messaging, and emails.

The parents shouldn’t have trouble setting up meetings with their children’s teachers and vice versa. The students should also use the system to reach out to their teachers to clear doubts outside the class. The system should also have pre-defined templates for when the school should send announcements about school activities.

Online Assessment Tracking

Every student has multiple courses for which they must complete multiple assessments throughout the academic year. This approach of ongoing testing is essential to help students gain more knowledge in the best way.

But it can fall apart if the schools don’t track their assessments effectively. The right ERP system should have an online assessment and assignment tracking system that allows students to stay on top of deadlines.

Report Card Generation

All students and their parents wait for their report cards the entire year. After all, it’s the card that showcases their hard work and puts their progress in perspective. But creating report cards can be pretty cumbersome for the school staff.

An ERP software should contain a feature that allows for the automatic generation of report cards based on the pre-existing data of each student.

It should dip into the database containing information about attendance, exam results, and class performance, generate the report cards and send them to the teachers for final review.

The LEAD School ERP

LEAD has helped a plethora of schools all over India streamline their operations with its top-notch academic ERP systems. LEAD has superior student learning at its forefront. To achieve that, it makes sure that its school management system is best-in-class.

Schools that use LEAD’s ERP help the teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders seamlessly access the digital content they need to fulfill their role in the learning environment.

From storing e-books to giving updates about students’ progress, the LEAD Academic ERP system is great at helping schools become more technologically efficient.

Final Word

Running a school can be a task, especially when you don’t have the right management tools at your disposal. Getting an ERP system can free up the valuable resources that you can allocate elsewhere and increase the efficiency of the school by manifold.

We hope this article helps you choose the ideal ERP for your institution so you can focus less on creating reports and more on creating future leaders.

About the author

Prajakta is a Content Marketing Manager at LEAD. She is an IIT Kanpur alumnus and has extensive experience in the ed-tech domain. She believes education is the premise of progress, for an individual, for a family, and for society.

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