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7 Reasons to Invest in School Record Management System

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Keeping records is irrefutably one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for a school’s administration. However, this does not curtail the importance records hold for the school’s overall growth. So, you can either employ resources for maintaining loads of papers and data or automate the process.

A student record management system helps you keep and maintain multiple records effortlessly. The tool automates data tracking and record-keeping related to various academic aspects such as performance, attendance, documents, admission, fees, and disciplinary records.

We all know that time is money, but we seldom act on it. A robust school record management system saves you a lot of time and resources that you can utilize in other productive tasks. It helps you deliver high-quality education and achieve greater academic performance.

If you are trying to figure out if an online student record management system is worth it, here are the reasons you must go for it.

1. To Evaluate and Improve Students’ Performance

Student Performance
Evaluating students’ performance and progress is a crucial step in an academic setup. This analysis serves as a reflection of how much your students are benefiting and acts as a surface for further academic plans. Because being able to help students grow and learn is and should be the primary objective of any institution.

So, when school records management software maintains the history of your students’ exam scores, test results, scholastic achievements, behavioral aspects, and performance in extracurricular activities, you can use this data to create a scalable academic strategy.

The most successful schools employ data records to develop personalized learning plans, keeping their students’ personalities and learning curves in mind.

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2. To Streamline Communications with All Stakeholders

Communication with all stakeholders
Best schools never fail to maintain transparent communications with their stakeholders. Parents, teachers, and board members, especially, should have access to students’ academic and non-academic performance records. Conventional meetings and notifications are not well-planned or timely scheduled, often leaving a gap in clear communication.

The best student management software streamlines communications with parents and teachers. It sends automated notifications, remarks, reports, updates, etc., to parents. The software also facilitates direct messaging between teachers and parents about their students. Parents themselves can also log in to the system and check their kid’s academic reports.

Besides, fee reminders, updates about school celebrations, and assignment notifications can also be regulated through this software. The regular and streamlined communication and exchange of student records enable parents, teachers, and school management to work together and implement advanced teaching approaches for students’ growth.

3. To Eliminate The Hassle of Paperwork

Digital records
The administration departments of schools are often seen juggling papers and keeping track of documents trapped in files. Even if one piece of paper gets misplaced, it can create havoc within the department. The maintenance of school records requires paperwork, and the hassle it causes is incomparable.

The fuss of maintaining scorecards, performance sheets, and school records and registers gets tackled by the software. The school record management system removes the hassle and allows your staff to store numerous data online.

Since the storage is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about the shortage of it. Moreover, the hassle of finding a piece of information from old data can be a hell of a task. Digital records make it as easy as typing a name in a box, and all the information related to it would appear on your screen.

4. To Streamline School’s Operations

There are a lot of aspects of operations in a school. Admission, finance, human resource, discipline board, examination, and attendance & leave management are some of the most common operational divisions that most schools entail. The manual maintenance of school records often ends up in mismatch and disconnects.

A school-record management system streamlines all sects of operations, bringing every record under one umbrella. The automation of school records in academic ERPs categorizes and manages data neatly. Every member of the school’s department has access to the same information. Thus, this system removes the chances of errors.

Let’s say the finance department knows that one student’s fee is due. However, what they don’t know is, the student withdrew the application at the last moment. Somehow the staff member responsible for admission management sent the student’s application form along with other ones. The parents are still getting fee reminders, and the kid’s name is appearing in the attendance register.

Such scenarios, where one piece of information gets misplaced and other parts of the operations get affected, do not happen with an online student record management system.

Library records help you track the available and allotted books. You can use these records to find what kind of books your students prefer the most and arrange more books of that category.

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5. To Stay Organized and Save Time

Organized data
Now, another challenge that most schools face is organizing various documents and records in different segments. You can’t make informed decisions with cluttered data. And all the pieces of information are useless if you are not taking the maximum advantage of those.

First, you need to organize the data in a way that allows you to interpret patterns and use them for developing academic plans. And second, you need to be able to measure the outcomes of your strategies and processes to see how impactful they have been.

With paper loads of documents and records, the aforementioned tasks will be a rollercoaster ride. But with school records management software, you can do it all effortlessly. The automation software organizes the data in meaningful ways, all in one place. You can simply pull out whatever section of the records you want.

These organized sets of data help you define effective campaigns, teaching plans, learning goals, and feasible strategies to deliver top-notch education. The online school records save you a lot of time and energy.

6. To Analyze Non-Academic Records

Non-academic records
We have only been talking about academics. But you must know that non-academics records are equally crucial. For example, student records, such as classroom behavior, learning setup preferences, students’ response to different teaching techniques, and learning pace, enable you to enhance the quality of the education at your school.

You can utilize these school records to encourage students to explore the learning paths they enjoy, participate in extracurricular activities, and pave their path to success in offbeat career choices. Not only this, if you use the behavioral data more intuitively, you can create practical lesson plans to foster soft skills in your students.

7. To Make Informed Decisions

Informed decisions
Schools, apart from the primary function of providing education, work more or less similar to how an organization works. There have to be timely promotions, counsellings, training, appraisals, leave grants, and even team day outs for both teachers and students.

Properly kept records help the management make informed decisions based on data. If you know what is school records and how to use them, you will witness significant growth in the productivity and success of your students, teachers, and other members.

Here’re a few tips you can use:

  • Use time-table records to analyze the best class routines and bring them into practice.
  • Review students’ and teachers’ performance on a quarterly or annual basis and reward them accordingly.
  • Arrange guidance counseling for students who struggle to deliver assignments and attain good grades in assessments. This can especially be helpful if you see a sudden decrease in a child’s performance and assign a counselor to help them.
  • Organize training sessions based on teachers’ performance every quarter.
  • Use records to choose teaching techniques that suit your students and teachers best.

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How to Find a Good School Record Management System?

The definition of the best student management software can vary for different schools. Majorly, because every institution is unique in its way and may need different properties as a part of its software solution. Your budget will also play a key role in selecting a good student record management system. However, you should keep certain features in mind when you begin your search for the most suitable record management software for your school.

  • Customizable: It should be customizable based on your requirements. An all-in-one package is often filled with features that might not be useful for you.
  • Cost-Effective: The solution that you choose should not be too pricey for the features it offers. However, it should also not be too cheap that feels too good to be true because most inexpensive solutions turn out to be a disaster, and you end up feeling tricked.
  • Reliable & Secure: You will be saving tons of data on the software. It should be secured with a robust multi-layer protection mechanism.
  • Multiple Logins: The software should allow multiple logins and show relevant data to the users.
  • Organized File Storage: The file storage system should be organized with appropriate labels and be easily accessible.

LEAD Partner Schools Get a Fitting School Solution

School records have been an integral part of the education system. From admission to assessments, the schools that make data-driven decisions perform better in both academics and non-academic activities. Besides, the importance of school records is not limited to scholastics; a powerful record management system also helps you reap more ROI.

LEAD Powered Schools have been managing their school records seamlessly with the powerful solutions they get. If you wish to make the most of your records and get access to plenty of other benefits as well, register for a demo today, partner with us, and get your hands on a powerful academic ERP that packs advanced features.

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About the author

Manasa is a Branding and Communication Manager at LEAD. She is an Asian College of Journalism alumnus and a former Teach for India Fellow. Manasa has also completed her MBA in marketing from Deakin University. She strongly believes that education has the power to shake the world and is excited to be a part of LEAD’s transformational journey.

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