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9 Reasons Every Teacher Should Go Through Further Training

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Did you know that a single teacher influences more than 3000 students on an average during their career? As teachers, they are in a position where they impact the academic and holistic development of their students. But with a substantial change in the learning environment, the gap between educators and learners is ever increasing.

Teacher training helps reduce this gap by updating educators with the latest trends and resources. Whether it is better class management or new teaching methods, training has numerous advantages that help the teachers as well as students. If you want to know why teacher training is needed, then read on!

  • Inculcate Tech-Friendly Teaching 

Today’s children prefer learning online through videos and presentations. They also come across several resources that benefit them academically. It has become almost impossible to separate technology and education. Teacher training equips teachers with the proper knowledge to bring technology to their classrooms.

They can strategically utilize electronic gadgets to facilitate learning as well as pique the interest of students. Moreover, they can also guide students with where and what to look for on the internet. Through training, teachers can also improve efficiency by using technology to complete non-teaching activities such as grading and marking attendance.

  • Use Better Assessment Techniques

Student assessment methods now have a more holistic approach that is beyond academic performance. Using the proper training, teachers can develop a strategy to consider both curricular and extracurricular performance for assessment.

Such an approach would help identify students’ aptitude and lead them in the right direction. Teacher training videos teach educators how to balance various activities in their assessment techniques.

  • Learn New Teaching Strategies

Teacher training promotes strategies that enhance the teaching abilities of an educator. Just like a student, every teacher needs to assess their own skills to find a teaching strategy that suits them.


It is also essential to identify age-appropriate teaching methods. For example, collaborative learning might be an excellent choice for 8th graders, but the same isn’t true for kids younger than five years.

Additionally, novel teaching methods such as gamification or spaced learning are difficult to implement without proper guidance. Teacher training focuses on such methods by identifying what is good for the students and how a teacher can utilize it.

  • Improve Teaching-Specific Soft Skills

Teaching involves more than just conveying lessons to students. A teacher stands in a responsible position that requires observing, mentoring, and managing students. Through training programs, teachers can improve skills such as organization and management, which are integral to the teaching profession.

They can also identify both physical and mental problems by analyzing student behavior. As students spend a lot of time at school, such skills can help them find the right assistance and solve issues early on.

  • Create All-Inclusive Teaching Spaces 

One of the reasons why teacher training should be provided by every institute is to create an all-inclusive learning space. Every classroom has students from all walks of life. This may include children who face various problems, including social issues and learning disabilities. As a teacher, it is essential to understand and teach, keeping in mind their requirements.

Proper training increases awareness about student issues among teachers. Especially when dealing with learning disabilities, teachers require special training to alter their teaching techniques to suit their needs. This helps the students make academic progress no matter what issues they face.

  • Enhance Student’s Academic Performance

It is common knowledge that a teacher directly impacts a student’s learning and comprehension. The way they teach, the subject they cover, and their overall attitude can make or break a student’s academic interest. A well-trained teacher, who is updated on their teaching methods, will better impact the learner’s performance.

A report by the U.S. Department of Education states that teachers’ professional development boosts students’ academic achievements by 21%. This includes subjects like mathematics, science, and language arts.

  • Provide Student Support

For students, teachers are one of their trusted adults. As a result, they often come to teachers with their personal problems. Teachers play the role of a listener and counselor while guiding children to come out of these issues.

With teacher training programs, educators can learn how to provide adequate support and handle sensitive issues. This not only involves talking to the student but also informing the concerned people in case of sensitive matters. Training also helps teachers identify the best possible solution when handling difficult student situations.

  • Brush Up Subject Knowledge 

With increasing inventions and discoveries, the curriculum keeps updating constantly. Regular training helps teachers stay up-to-date with the latest information and get familiar with the current curriculum. This also includes identifying authentic sources of information and using them regularly.

As learning is a never-ending process, a doubt clearing session for teachers followed by training from subject matter experts can help the teacher strengthen their concepts. Also, as students perceive teachers as experts, they can be ready to answer any questions their students have. Moreover, it saves the teacher from teaching any outdated facts and conveying only the right ideas to their students.

  • Learn From Peers

Most training programs are a place for teachers to meet other teachers. While this might be a pleasant experience, it is also educational. Fellow teachers can share their expertise and experience, and other participants can learn from them. This promotes peer learning and prepares teachers for situations that are yet to come.

Teachers can also share their problems while other educators pool in to find the best possible solutions. Overall, such training programs become a place for formal as well as informal learning.

Prioritize Quality Through Teacher Training

Though many institutions provide professional training to their educators, it isn’t uncommon for people to wonder why teacher training is necessary. Teacher training offers practical teaching methods which are more effective for today’s students. Without training, it can be challenging to keep up with the highly demanding nature of today’s education industry.

It also explores areas beyond teaching to create a holistic approach towards student development. Through training programs, we can create learning environments that are ideal for both teachers and students.

At LEAD Powered Schools, teachers receive extensive training that helps them become comfortable with apps and tools and adopt modern teaching techniques.

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About the author

Anuj Kumar Jha, a Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi) alumnus, is the Program Manager at LEAD. Previously, he has worked with Ex-Ola and Ex-Mu Sigma. Anuj has graduated from HBTI, Kanpur. Knowing the power of education, he believes in LEAD's mission to transform learning in Affordable Private Schools in India.

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