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Best virtual classroom platform makes school functioning robust

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Harry Wong, an educator, educational speaker and author, once said, “In an effective classroom, students should not only know what they are doing. They should also know why and how.”

Every student you interact with today is a web user. One can find some staggering internet statistics to know the scope of it. Connecting billions of people, the internet and technology have entered the education landscape. As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide. Schools today aren’t what they used to be. Smartboards have replaced the chalkboards, pencils and papers have become Chromebooks and tablets. In the coming year, virtual reality education will reach every classroom worldwide.

Virtual classroom platform level the playing field of education, enabling children from all over the world to access engaging classrooms irrespective of where they live. It supplements existing education structures or used as the main structure for providing knowledge. Schools understand the ease of setting up the online classroom, and its advantages outweigh the traditional classroom demerits.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report says, “Technological development continues to advance low-cost and innovative applications for more personalised and engaging teaching and learning. For example, virtual learning environments such as video games, simulations and virtual worlds can better motivate students in their learning, facilitate situated-learning experiences that were not possible before (e.g. small schools in remote regions), and generate new avenues for interacting with others to practice particular skills.”

Today’s virtual classroom platform is an online space that shares few features of brick-and-mortar classrooms but differs in many ways. An online classroom environment assures human connection, a crucial element of classroom teaching. Teachers get to interact with students in real-time; students can voice their questions and interact with fellow mates, similar to how they would in a regular classroom, although over the internet.

But how do schools benefit from choosing the best virtual classroom platform? Here are some advantages-

  • Prompt feedback

Best virtual classroom platform offers you the chance to give prompt feedback to students. They also offer learners the ability to provide feedback on the quality of the lessons. Facilitators now don’t need to manually review every quiz activity and spend more time evaluating the class’ overall performance to improve learner success.

  • Management becomes easy

Schools can easily install school management software such as ERP or LMS on the best virtual classroom platform. This makes the task of maintaining and managing attendance, academic records easy. You can upload the scores easily on the portal for the access of parents and students.

  • Cloud-recording

Recording classes is an excellent way to reinforce learning after class. This is also a prime benefit of virtual classrooms. You can record physical classes, but there are a lot more production costs associated with that. Some virtual classroom recording solutions enable you to record directly to your computer. You can upload the video on the portal for students’ access even after completing the class.

  • Data handling

Virtual classroom platform offers plenty of essential data to measure the effectiveness of your sessions. Attendance reports are automatically created when a learner joins and leaves and the class. You can access chat logs to review submitted questions and in-class discussions. Compliance training tools help measure proof of presence and proof of attentiveness by measuring responses.

  • Engaging classes will attract students

The admission rate of your school will increase as soon as you switch to online mode. Why? Virtual classrooms are a place for discussions and active learning. Features such as digital whiteboard, screen sharing, file annotations, video playback, and quizzing allow children to participate in the classroom actively. Children feel more inclined towards such an innovative setup over a traditional model.

How technology changes teaching in schools?

Today, the classroom looks and functions significantly different from the classrooms 20 years ago. Gone are the days of a desktop in the corner; the 21st-century classrooms use tablets, laptops and smartphones, all seamlessly connected by Wi-Fi or BlueTooth and supported by various software from cloud-based to apps.

Well-versed with the latest technology in their personal lives, the current generation has made the utmost use of digital classrooms possible. Teachers now log in to the best virtual classroom platform to impart lessons. From management to conducting interactive classes, all goes online with the aid of digital tools and software.

However, technology is only beneficial when used strategically to achieve targeted goals.

The World Bank has rolled out a caution for schools that want to have a tech upgrade. It says, “Dumping hardware in schools (and hoping that ‘magic’ will happen), thinking about educational content only after you have rolled out your hardware, making a big bet on an unproven technology or single vendor without planning about hope to avoid ‘lock-in’ — these sorts of things are recipes for heartache.”

Technology must be deployed to help achieve excellent results while helping schools achieve a better admission rate.

LEAD brings the best of virtual classroom experience

LEAD is a change that new India wishes where innovative and high-tech education is being made available to students. LEAD is the only system in the country that provides measurable results via an integrated and data-based system. It aims to offer an excellent learning experience with quality education to 10 million students by 2025.

Best virtual classroom platform

LEAD-partner schools train teachers to conduct online classes efficiently. They are well-equipped to take online classes and are skilled in keeping students engaged during remote learning. With a teacher’s excellence kit and training session, LEAD brings the best education to the students.

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

About the author

Manasa is a Branding and Communication Manager at LEAD. She is an Asian College of Journalism alumnus and a former Teach for India Fellow. Manasa has also completed her MBA in marketing from Deakin University. She strongly believes that education has the power to shake the world and is excited to be a part of LEAD’s transformational journey.

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