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How digital smart class warrants uninterrupted learning?

“Could technology be a spark igniting students’ passion to learn? Innovations in digital education are so enticing that today’s students are eager to continue learning after the bell rings,” explains Deloitte. 

Today, school education has to be at its best to help new-age students be smart and active. It is crucial to understand the concepts and apply them in real life. Traditional teaching methods for ages have motivated students to score marks rather than acquiring an in-depth understanding of subjects. The world has changed, and so should the education sector.

The new normal in the sector has led to the rise of the use of digital learning tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new forms of learning worldwide. Educational institutions are switching to digital learning platforms to ensure learning continuity. The ‘new normal’ now is a transformed concept of education, with virtual learning at the core of this transformation. Today, the digital smart class has emerged as a necessary resource for students and schools worldwide.

Technology, indeed, ascertains a helpful medium for providing uninterrupted learning and teacher-to-student interaction in the current times of crisis. NEP 2020 explains that education must expand from cognitive development to creating holistic and individual equipped with effective digital skills. smart class content ensures uninterrupted and interactive learning for kids. Creative content such as 3D animated videos by the digital content provider, online assessment of the students and interactive platform with the teacher and other kids induce fast and immerse learning.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, “Online learning systems—learning management systems, learning platforms, and learning software—have the ability to capture streams of fine-grained learner behaviors, and the tools and techniques described above can operate on the data to provide a variety of stakeholders with feedback to improve teaching, learning, and educational decision making.”

Smart class allows kids to learn interactively in the comfort of their homes. Frequent interruptions are no more a deterrent in students’ learning graph.

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Smart class for uninterrupted learning

Traditional classroom settings in which instructors explained a concept without caring about students’ comprehension level have finally found a fix. Parents now trust schools that have access to the digital classroom to enhance their child’s education. One of the prime reasons for it is the efficient learning and accessibility to classes at home. Students don’t need to compromise on education and can study like before in an improvised classroom online.

Digital smart class makes use of presentation and online tools to impart education. Teachers can easily communicate with the kids and involve them in the lesson by asking questions frequently. They can also make use of animations to explain complicated concepts.

Students who are not engaged in school may flounder and leave school with insufficient qualifications.

For learning, it is essential to include student-student collaboration. This may not be possible due to the social distancing restriction. The smart class allows teachers to conduct activities online for learners to work together. While it is impossible to customise the teaching approach for every kid, the teacher can personalise the discussion and the content. They can share anecdotes and analogies, making the topic more familiar and approachable for the learners online.

Digital Learning-A solution to interrupted education?

The current crisis has now precipitated a three-fold challenge for educational institutes: to provide online, undisrupted education that is high-quality, scalable and secure.

Schools are switching to digital platforms to continue education without risking the lives of students. These online classrooms ensure interactive learning for kids in the comfort of their homes. Both parents and students get access to 100% Complete School through virtual learning platforms.

LEAD makes collaborative and Interactive learning possible at home

Digital smart classLEAD uses smart technology to boost test scores and enhance the kids’ performance. The collaborative boards help teachers with an extraordinary opportunity to build a classroom atmosphere where kids with varying learning types can learn online. This easy-to-comprehend technology means that all teachers and students gain the talents they require in the 21st-century to succeed.

With LEAD School@home, Kids can learn more than before. They can coordinate their timetable, access content quickly, pay school fees with just a click, etc. In a LEAD system, kids and teachers make learning fun with smart class, teacher app, workbooks, and question papers.

Understanding the significance of interactive learning, LEAD keeps adding new features that increase discussions among teachers and students. Many fun activities are included in the curriculum to involve every kind of student. LEAD takes every step to assure visible growth in learning and provides 100% complete school to parents and students.

LEAD is transforming schools by making children future-ready. To make yours a LEAD powered school: Partner with us today

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