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Why do we need to look beyond a basic School ERP System?

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Today, deploying an ERP solution across schools has become an inevitable part of the school functioning where a systemic framework handles all the aspects of its processes. It is built to meet the diverse needs of an educational institution. A school gets enabled with various tools and resources to function efficiently in the long run. An ERP system takes care of the administrative functions of a school and streamlines errands such as fee collection, attendance, conducting exams, keeping a database of students and teachers, etc. A school with ERP software successfully adheres to the curriculum schedule and completes it on time, improving its overall performance. 

But to stay ahead of the curve in the fiercely competitive world, ERP alone does not help. While ERP does allow the automation of all backend processes, student learning remains of utmost importance. To provide a learning experience that is class-apart, making students ready for the future, schools need to go beyond just rote learning. For this, they must provide students an environment where they are not just attending classes to jump to the next grade but are also able to understand concepts and apply those concepts into practice. This is where the LMS (Learning Management System) comes in. LMS goes beyond just an ERP to provide a holistic learning environment for students. It restructures the learning process for children, assists in distance education provides resource material to teachers and empowers every stakeholder.

With the help of LMS, the goals of parents, teachers, principals, and students are achieved all at the same time.

But is the digitalisation of a school and its administrative tasks sufficient for it to excel? Besides rendering and streamlining school processes, a school is not called 100% until it strikes a perfect balance of ERP and LMS.

How LEAD School is a perfect amalgam of ERP and LMS?

When a school becomes LEAD-enabled, it converts all the classes into ‘visually enabled classes’; provides the school with teaching and learning materials, renders every student with books and workbooks designed for them. LEAD School also provides centrally designed assessment papers.

LEAD School not only empowers every stakeholder but ensures guaranteed results for them. That is why it is much more than just an ERP platform. Where an ERP doesn’t do anything more than managing your administration task, the LEAD School…

Enables schools with student data to help with proper remediation. With Nucleus- the LEAD School Academic System, it becomes easy to monitor student’s performance at the school level.   Also, since the post-pandemic world is not going to be the same, at least for school functioning, Nucleus, under its school configuration setting gives an option of switching between the various school modes, such as online/offline/both. School administration can also decide on what days they want to teach the students, add new subjects, and allocate teachers. The administration can also connect the school YouTube channel to the nucleus to directly upload the learning material.

Every teacher is equipped with a teacher tablet, that is loaded with lesson plans, audio-visual resources, and training resources. The Excellence Managers at LEAD School coach and guide teachers throughout the year to develop their skills and upgrade themselves.

LEAD School further eases the teaching journey of teachers by enabling them with the necessary tools which not only make them excellent teachers but also leave students highly engaged.

There are about 4 changes in the traditional school system that LEAD School aims for:

school erp software

  • Usage of a lesson plan to teach instead of a book

In a traditional classroom, teachers use books to teach. This way she can engage with only some children in the classroom. In a LEAD classroom, a teacher uses a tablet powered by a LEAD school content to teach. This tablet includes detailed lesson plans, audio-visual resources, soft copy of books, and activities.

  • The concentric design of lesson plan vs lecture method

The traditional classroom is lecture-based where the teaching is doing all the talking and students are just listening. In the LEAD system, a 40-minute day plan begins with ‘Teacher-led’ where the teachers explain the concepts to students through activity or a video, followed by group practice in small groups to practice the concept followed by the individual practice where students answer questions on the concept on their own. This concentric circle design allows teachers that every child has understood the concept.

  • Unique teaching strategies designed for non-English background students

Many teachers resort to the translation method during their lectures. This has two challenges:

  1. Some students understand but then they are unable to express their understanding in English
  2. Others who are not engaged and listening do not understand

Parents play an important role in their child’s learning. The LEAD school aims to inform and engage parents in their child’s learning. LEAD School achieves this through a Parent’s App where they can now see their child’s homework, attendance, assessment, and unit progress. LEAD ensures

  • Excellent learning
  • Excellent teaching
  • Excellent school leadership
  • High parent engagement 

Every parent gets a Parent App that gives them information on homework, attendance, marks, class pictures, and unit progress. With the LEAD integrated system, all stakeholders get what they need to achieve assured results.

School principals can now boast their school’s achievements with exceptional results. An academic year at LEAD Schools is divided into units and units further are divided into a day plan. The number of units and number of day plans is designed keeping in mind the need for each sub-school, which is pre-primary, primary, middle, high, and ELGA.

The mission of the LEAD School is to bring assured learning to every child in India. That’s why it aims for 1.5 years of English growth and at least 70% of mastery in all subjects. LEAD School trains its students to gain life skills needed for the 21st century.

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