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How education ERP helps prevent students’ learning loss?

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Education is an intrinsic part of building a productive and well-functioning society that isn’t possible without proper academic infrastructure. However, due to the pandemic, there has been a disruption in the education sector. The structure of school and learning were the first to be affected by the school closures. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers affirms that long-term measures must be adopted to mitigate the severe impact of the crisis. It quotes, “The spread of COVID-19 has necessitated a range of extraordinary responses by states and education institutions, from travel restrictions to campus shutdowns. Prolonged crisis and recovery periods will drive greater localisation, online learning and financial austerity. Education institutions in “returning to campus” must focus on both short and long term challenges.”

In a world that remains highly uncertain, parents prefer schools with an online classroom set up and education ERP for their child’s learning. The schools having access to technology can provide education to children at home. 

ERP for education deploys workflow-based processes which streamline the daily activities and operations carried out in school. It can be easily leveraged to enhance student outcomes. The ERP provides a productive and organised environment for children to learn from home. Adaptation of schools to the new normal comes with the implementation of new technologies. The COVID-19 led lockdown brought education and learning to a complete standstill. As a result, schools turned into e-education delivery systems to facilitate remote learning for children.

The paradigm shift from regular classrooms to online infrastructure has transformed the existing education landscape. Though schools are leveraging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to automate and optimise academic and non-academic operations, it is essential to comprehend what the education ERP does to provide uninterrupted learning for children and why should schools install it.

Schools that have an education ERP in place delivers results irrespective of the circumstances. Children will benefit from the ERP for education because they learn in an ideal environment from relevant resources. A well-structured and organised environment is crucial to simplify learning for the student, and school ERP software can achieve this.  Let’s see how:

  • Education ERP comes as an aid to teachers who can now focus more on the students than administrative tasks. The software makes teaching modern and personalises education as per the needs of the students. ERP allows continuous learning and multimedia materials to be shared in the system.
  • By installing the ERP software, schools can create a learning environment required by students to thrive. The management system has a noticeable effect on the student’s results.
  • Homework is a crucial part of learning and acquiring education. The software makes homework accessible for students anytime, anywhere.  
  • Teachers can quickly provide individual assessments to every student looking at their level of knowledge. This helps children to learn and assess their skills for overall development. 
  • The online portal dedicated to parents will allow them to communicate with teachers about their child’s education. This builds the trust of parents in school. 

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How ERP empowers teachers to provide education to children online?

Teachers are the providers of knowledge and are a crucial part of a classroom. With the automation of management tasks through education ERP and eliminating the time-taking process of recording, teachers can connect with parents and focus more on the students’ education. They can easily manage the lesson plan, timetables, and assessments to ensure good quality education at home. With education ERP, they can deliver much more than ever before. The online platform allows you to make lessons interactive for children and assures guaranteed results. 

Why is the LEAD’S ERP system a must for schools today?

Education ERP

LEAD’s online integrated management solution visions to make India a global knowledge hub. Though keeping learning an uninterrupted process has become difficult, LEAD School @home ensures unstoppable quality learning in all circumstances. The features of LEAD School @home allow uninterrupted learning with physical readers and workbooks, learning activities, e-books, regular assessments and quizzes. It makes the learning process interesting for children.

LEAD’s Nucleus, an academic ERP system allows teacher allocation, annual planning, performance monitoring etc. LEAD assures that the children get a world-class curriculum to study from, educators get access to better techniques to impart knowledge, parents get regular performance reports of their children, principals get timely analysis of each class, and schools get the option of switching between online and offline mode of education. LEAD is much more than just a school ERP System.

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