Integrated learning systems in education: More than an interim shift

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the definition of education. The classic methods of learning and teaching in the system are now getting replaced with innovative modules. This abrupt shift has created a demand for a convenient education system that imparts knowledge like traditional classrooms. Although physical classrooms have been transformed into online classrooms, the teaching methodology needs to be transformed entirely. 

The role of teachers, today and tomorrow!

Teachers are the backbone of an educational institution. Without teachers and adequate teaching methodology, the student community can never experience a wholesome educational journey. Teachers can only offer quality education when they are equipped with modern-day technology that enhances the education experience. That’s where an integrated learning system comes in. It is a boon for students and teachers who are trying to impart a satisfactory educational experience. 

Social-emotional learning—Key to holistic education

Times have changed. The education system now imparts knowledge beyond what has always been confined to books. Children need to be fully aware of their surroundings and social affairs, and for that, they need to have social and emotional learning as part of their curriculum. It provides a foundation for safe and positive learning. This prepares the students not only for academics but for a successful approach to life. Children with social-emotional learning are more self-aware, have better social awareness and have better relationship skills.

How is LEAD helping teachers in achieving a substantial pedagogy? 

Technology being the driving force behind the education industry, an integrated learning system for schools became the need of the hour. The LEAD Academy contributes highly to achieving a substantial education system for all the stakeholders in this industry. The teachers are now more focused on achieving their goals which ultimately benefits the student community. 

integrated learning systems for schools

Resources for Teachers: With LEAD Academy, teachers get equipped with ready-made tools and resources that help them impart impactful learning and save time. LEAD provides all the teachers with fully loaded tablets with teaching materials, worksheets, assessments, homework plans, and lesson plans. These lessons are designed for almost all topics in the curriculum. Teachers can refer to these materials anytime and plan a custom class for students depending on their strengths and weaknesses. These tools also help the teachers to manage a class more smoothly since they don’t have to spend time collecting and making notes from various sources. With direct access to these materials, teachers can easily impart lessons. 

Interactive audio-visual content: The teachers have access to numerous academic topic-specific videos, which helps them impart a fun-filled and quality education. The students are more drawn to the audio-visual medium of learning which makes the task for teachers less tiresome and more productive. These videos involve puzzles, quizzes and various exercises, which create an interactive environment for students and teachers in a classroom. Teachers can use these videos from LEAD apps in their online classes or offline classes as well.

LEAD Academy helps you become a Super Teacher: LEAD offers LEAD Teacher app, a one-stop platform for teachers for all the necessary tools at their fingertips. This app helps the teachers manage administrative work like maintaining attendance, scheduling, assessments, etc. Teachers can also access all the study materials, training materials and track the progress of every student through this app. In addition, this app makes the teacher aware of students’ weaknesses and strengths, which helps the teachers channel their energy in the right direction. 

The evolving technology has created better opportunities for students and teachers to engage in a holistic education system. In addition, the integrated learning system has upgraded the pedagogy in our education institutions. With LEAD integrated learning systems for schools, teachers can transform into super teachers and impart knowledge in a more advanced way, universally. 

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Integrated learning systems in education: More than an interim shift

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the definition of education. The classic methods of learning and teaching in the system are now getting

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