Be a part of your child’s learning with LEAD School Parent App

The learning losses brought about by the global shutdown of schools will require a lot beyond just reopening of schools. In fact, according to the latest report jointly created by Johns Hopkins University, the World Bank, and UNICEF, only half of the schools across the globe have resumed classroom teaching and learning. Around 34 percent of schools are still relying on mixed or hybrid instruction mode.

In spite of more than nineteen months of remote learning, schools and parents are struggling to achieve the required quality of education through online learning. It is more so in the case of schools that are not very technologically advanced. Due to limited infrastructure and technology adaptation, a lot of children have not only missed out on the proper understanding of academic concepts but also on soft skills such as social-emotional learning.

Schools that were able to quickly adapt to the ‘new normal’ found their students reaping the benefits of online learning, as now these students were able to study from the comfort of their homes without the stress of travelling and were able to spend more time with their parents. It also gave parents the opportunity to be more involved in the child’s learning progress. All this was possible due to the seamless integration of traditional schooling into online education apps.

Though your child’s school may have already reopened or is just about to re-open, online learning is here to stay. With the uncertainty around government guidelines, it is important to keep your child’s learning uninterrupted irrespective of their circumstances.

How has the LEAD School Parent App been facilitating uninterrupted learning?

To make learning easy, LEAD conceptualized separate apps for every stakeholder in a child’s education. The LEAD School Parent App helps every parent participate in their child’s academic life while the school owner app helps the owners manage the school better.

The LEAD School Parent App enables parents to:

1. Closely monitor their child’s performance

The LEAD School Parent App establishes a reliable virtual set-up at home that keeps students engaged and parents informed. Regular remote or even offline learning seldom allows parents to be informed about their child’s studies. However, the attendance and progress reports at LEAD Powered Schools help parents keep a track of their child’s performance. According to a survey done by LEAD, students with more than 80% attendance scored around 40% higher on average than students who did not attend classes that regularly.


2. Help students strengthen their concepts via timely quizzes and ‘Ask Doubts’

While attending classes children are learning in a passive manner. For a solid conceptual understanding, students need to learn in an active manner. One of the ways they can do this is by practicing and clearing their doubts. Through the LEAD School Parent App, students can solve quizzes on a regular basis. To motivate them further, children earn points on the leaderboard upon finishing classes and quizzes on time. In a traditional classroom, students can approach their teacher to resolve doubts. In online learning, it is near to impossible. Even in offline classes, a lot of children hesitate to ask doubts in front of their peers. Hence, the LEAD School Parent App has the ‘Ask Doubts’ feature that helps teachers and students interact easily and resolve queries on a regular basis.

3. Easy access to live and recorded classes:

Today a lot of online education apps provide free educational videos and live classes. Despite the availability of these videos, it is difficult for a child to learn from them since they may easily get lost in this huge pool of information. It is also not possible that your child is able to attend every single online class conducted by their school. It may happen that your child misses one or two of these classes due to some unavoidable circumstances. The LEAD School Parent App makes it easy for your child to attend live classes daily and watch classes that they miss. It thus makes the learning process seamless for your child.

The LEAD School Parent App is a step towards advancing student education with our integrated system. We also believe in empowering parents and teachers by getting them more involved in the learning process of students. This innovation has proven to boost learning outcomes, bridge the learning gaps and prepare each child for a better future.

If you haven’t already, download the LEAD School Parent App, download it now! Over 8,00,000 students are already enjoying its benefits.

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Be a part of your child’s learning with LEAD School Parent App

The learning losses brought about by the global shutdown of schools will require a lot beyond just reopening of schools. In fact,

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