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Students & Computers-How to Bridge the Digital Divide

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The study of computers has become as important as math, language, and science education. The government too has acknowledged the influx of digital awareness and its impact on the future generation. They are looking for the most efficient way to provide access to computers, and training for students to use these systems effectively.

In today’s world, the knowledge of computer software or hardware is a basic necessity for most jobs. Students from all sections of society would be required to be computer literate, to make them competent and better suited for today’s job market, or to be eligible to pursue higher studies in premium institutes.

Students of today cannot imagine studies without the internet and computers, where doing work and getting help becomes seamless and efficient with digital literacy. Digital proficiency also improves students’ prospects of getting a better job.

It can therefore be concluded that a lack of basic computer skills can be a major hindrance to an individual’s overall development.

Why does your school need a Computer Lab?

With the provision to learn computer science in school, students can easily get proficient in using computers.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to think about setting- up a computer lab in your school:

Practical Knowledge is better than Theoretical knowledge

One can not learn to efficiently operate a computer without using a computer. Many schools are still imparting theoretical knowledge of computers, instead of providing access to modern day systems which will enable children to have hands-on experience. Practice and persistence is the only way to enhance computing skills in students which can be developed at the school itself. We can all agree that even today not many children might have computers at their homes.

Better Exposure and Growth for Students

A child who lacks an intuitive understanding of computers will simply take longer to accomplish the same task as compared to a computer-literate child. Students need to have exposure to computer labs and access to information over the internet such as scholarships, distance education courses, online filing of admission forms for higher studies or admission tests, online career resources etc. to accomplish more in their careers.

Fast Access to Research and Information

Gone are the days when the only way to research for assignments was by using a library. Today, the availability of computers in schools makes it a whole lot easier and faster to access information for research. In just a few clicks, one can get all the relevant resources needed to work on school projects.

Better Opportunities using Computing Tools

Through the use of technology and the internet combined, students come across a lot of opportunities to use computers and data in a constructive manner. They can learn to code and build softwares, or even learn data analytics and thus prepare for the future from an early age. There’s no doubt that computer related jobs are one of the highly sought after jobs today. The earlier students are exposed to the possibilities computers open up, the better it is for their future.

LEAD provides an integrated curriculum for coding and computation skills in its partner schools. Follow this link to know more.

Visualization tools

For many students, computer operations are difficult to understand because they have trouble visualizing the concept being taught. With access to computers, they can be taught using the computer screen right in front of them. Students can write code and even execute the functions rather than learn the concepts from books.. Abstract concepts which are often hard to visualize become less abstract and more concrete with real tools because they are right there in front of them.

As a Government Driven Initiative

According to a report published by the IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) in 2020, internet penetration rate is estimated to reach above 55 per cent by the end of 2025 in India, with substantial increase in the Tier-2 and 3 cities. Better facilities to teach computer science and digitisation of education remains one of the topmost priorities of our government by taking quality education to all parts of the country.

Student life is undoubtedly stressful and challenging. There are a mountain of goals that need to be accomplished as a student. With that, knowledge of computers and other technologies helps in keeping up with the fast paced world.

Teaching computer education in schools with a quality lab setup can open the doors to endless possibilities for your students. Computers are an excellent investment for students today and the next generations to come. You too can be a pioneer of change and transformation, and get your school identified as a center for world- class learning.

LEAD’s Transformation Labs, can help you drive student learning and development at your school using our unique offering that helps set up best-in-class computer labs at schools. To know more about LEAD Transformation Lab call us today at 86828 33333.


About the author

Bhavna Srinivasan has been with LEAD Partnerships Team since 2021. She likes to stay active and spends her free time reading, writing, and watching interesting shows online. She has a keen interest in child & human psychology and is fascinated by the subject. She hopes to pursue her interest in writing and one day write a book of her own.

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Students & Computers-How to Bridge the Digital Divide

The study of computers has become as important as math,

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