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Tips To Prepare for Board Exams

All your lives you have heard people say, “10th standard is crucial for students. It is the biggest year of your school life. Only if you do well, you will get everything you want in life.”

Grade 10 studentsFor times immemorial, this phenomenon probably has been true. Grade 10 students have always put that extra effort to excel. This year is no exception, but the circumstances are not the same. With the COVID-19 lockdown, Grade 10 students across the country have had to overcome a unique set of challenges including but not limited to online test preparation, online mock exams and studying alone.

Exams are just around the corner and preparations are in full swing. Though it has been a different experience, it is time to make the best of the remaining, few precious days and this article is here to help both the students and parents with the anxiety surrounding that.

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Ten simple yet effective ways to get students ready for the Grade 10 Board exams in 2021

1. Create a study zone

This is on top of the list for a reason. You need a noise-free, clean study zone in your house. Ensure your family and pets do not interrupt you when you are studying.

Pro tip: Keep a small succulent nearby, for positivity.

2. Prepare a manageable timetable

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Studying for the Board Exams is no different. You need to make progress by taking small, measured steps, every single day.

Set up a timetable based on your style of studying. Do not just download something off the internet or take from your friends.

Pro tip: Include breaks, recap sessions and mock tests in your study timetable.

3. Speak to your teachers and run them by your plan

Your teacher is your study-buddy this year. Once your timetable is ready, share it with him/ her and make changes based on your discussion.

What has worked for all other students, might not necessarily work for you. So, incorporate your teacher’s advice and customise your study plan.

Pro tip: Include quick doubt clearing sessions with your teachers as a part of your timetable.

4. Complete all pending classes
You might have missed a few classes earlier this year. But the biggest advantage of online classes are that they are all available online and you still have an opportunity to watch them! Not all other Grade 10 students have been this lucky in the past. So buckle up and complete all your pending classes (especially for the concepts you find a little harder to follow).

Pro tip: While making notes, you could also add video timestamps for your reference to easily rewatch later. Download the LEAD Student and Parent App here.

5. Take tests on specific topics
Topic-based mock tests are the best way to check for your current level of understanding. Don’t shy away from certain topics just because it seems complex at the moment. What might seem very hard now could get a lot easier after constant practice.

Track your scores to measure improvements and have an honest discussion with your teachers by the end of every week.

Pro tip: Make a mock test checklist with subject names and topics before you start.

mock tests6. Time yourself while giving mock tests
Most online mock tests include a timer. If you do not have one, then get a stopwatch and stick to the time limit. There is no ‘extra time’ available in the real exam.

Planning with such restrictions helps you prepare better for the real exams and helps you perform better under pressure.

Pro tip: Your friend and you could test together in your respective homes and connect after the mock test to discuss. This makes it more fun, competitive and challenging.

7. Rewatch lessons related to topics where you did not score well
Did you expect to do better on certain topics when you were testing yourself? It is not too late, so do not fret. You can rewatch those lessons, try a few random questions from the same topic and retest in a couple of days.

You are not expected to master every topic in the book. Study smart, focus on the topics that you are good at and spend a little extra time on topics where you haven’t performed as well as you wanted to.

Pro tip: Get on a call with a friend and ask each other questions based on these topics

8. Take breaks
Taking a break helps you calm down and prepare better. Exams are an important part of your life but your wellbeing is important too.

Scheduling breaks and following through is very important during this phase to keep your mental balance intact during these high pressure times.

Pro tip: Do not entertain study-related phone calls or discussions during your breaks. Switch off completely from the stress of studies during your breaks to refresh your mind.

9. Practice yoga or play some game to destress
Both mental and physical health are equally important and need good care. Yoga, sports, music, cooking, are a few ways to destress. Don’t forget to put them as a part of your timetable.

Your body needs to be in its best form before, during and after the Board Exams and taking care of your health is non-negotiable.

Pro tip: Eat a balanced meal and include fruits, nuts and vegetables every day.

10. Remember the bigger picture
The Grade 10 Board Exams are your first steps into the adult world. Your future and career start taking shape after this year. Though it is a vital year and a lot rests on your shoulders, it is also a time to understand your dreams and aspirations better.

Marks are a part of the package, not the complete deal. Remember the bigger picture and keep moving forward. Your efforts will definitely pay off.

Pro tip: Have a candid conversation with your parents about your career plans. If you are still confused, that is completely ok and normal too. Talk to your teachers or professional career counselors after your exams are done.

This has been one of the most difficult and different years of our lives. As Grade 10 students, you have shown exceptional tenacity and continue to do so. Do not be too hard on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for being so strong and resilient.


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LEAD is helping children become future-ready. To enrol your child in a LEAD Powered School: Fill the admission form now

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